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I work in a Laboratory and there are worse things that can happen. I recently had my daughter on July 3 this year. She was born healthy and happy, but she is also deaf. We have not yet had genetic testing to if my husband and I are carriers of the Gene I I had also taken Valtrex on and off the first few months of my pregnancy and am still wondering if this terrible disease is the cause of my daughters deafness, well more so the taking of the medication. I know the posts here are a little old and this is my first post but I am wondering if anyone has heard of this med causing deafness in babies. I am trying to reasearch the effects on the fetus.My husband and I have been married 2 years and he does not have it. It is something that I have kept a secret with friends and family and have felt dirty and ashamed. My co-workers on the OB floor now know because I had my baby at the hospital that I work at. Everyone was very professional and didn't treat me any different but I felt ashamed. I had one outbreak while I was pregnant and haven't had one since. I use to get them once a month when I first contracted it 12 years ago. I wouldn't say it gets better for most people but you adapt to the life you have to live and how you will tell your partner.My previous boyfriend 4 years ago told me he had it and I had felt soo relieved. One in four women have herpes. I"m sorry if i've gone in different directions here but I have never been able to talk about this before. If there is anyone out there who know the effects of valtrex on a fetus I would be very interested to know.

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