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Thank you, all!
Jun 21, 2006
Good day, all,

I've been living with herpes for about a year and it's been a very confusing, frustrating, stressful experience.

My first outbreak was a single, very large, very tender blister on my buttocks, just below my lower back. It was uncomfortable to sit down but I had none of the other symptoms people associate with a first outbreak - no fever, no aches, nothing but this uncomfortable blister.

It ruptured one night when I was asleep and two weeks later not only did it come back, but another blister in another area of my buttocks formed. That's when I knew something was really wrong and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with genital herpes.

I'm not comfortable taking new medicines that haven't really been tested for long-term side effects so I refused any anti-viral treatments and my suffering began. My outbreaks happened about once every two weeks, the previous blisters weren't even healed when they would start tingling and swelling up again.

I used alcohol to burst the blisters each time - wore cotton underwear and gave the lesions lots of air at night, all things recommended by my doctor. I changed my diet, started exercising more - nothing helped. I was convinced I'd simply spend the rest of my life dealing with this.

I was sitting down at my computer browsing for more information and came across this forum. I spent hours reading just about every thread of advice in the archive and you've helped me so much.

One forumer mentioned popcorn set off his first outbreak and I was actually eating a bag of microwave popcorn when I read the line. I had one of those instinctual reactions you have deep in your bones when you just know something isn't right. The best thing I can compare it to is smelling a food that make you deathly ill as a child, I just knew in my heart that the popcorn was playing a role in my constant outbreaks.

I also came across a few conversations about Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract, and other therapies. Most people seemed to be finding some relief from Oil of Oregano and when I researched the oil I discovered it was a natural anti-viral that has been used for thousands of years, exactly the type of help I desperately wanted.

I went out and bought Vivitas Oil of Oregano, which lists its ingredients as "Mountain grown, hand-picked wild Oil of Oregano in a base of extra virgin olive oil."

This is only my second day using it, two or three drops under the tongue and one drop placed topically on the blister (there's only one that's really outside my body). Already the blister has healed more than it ever has before, since my very first outbreak a year ago. I don't feel as run-down as I did, probably because of the discomfort and stress. I have a positive attitude again and I feel hopeful and very good.

I'm sure all of you know herpes isn't all-consuming but it is annoying enough that I can say you've given me a part of my life back.

I'm not promiscuous (anymore) so I really don't mind if the skin where the blister was remains the little reddish spot it is now forever. Anyone I have a sexual relationship with will know about my condition anyways, so being able to vaguely see where it is can't hurt. I've gotten everything I wanted in terms of dealing with this disease.

I'm all set now, until they find a cure - and I truly won't even blink if it doesn't happen in my lifetime. So thank you all! I'm going to stick around the forum and see what else you all come up with, who knows I might have some tips of my own someday - hahaha!

(Just hope it lasts - hahaha)

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