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Re: IgM Test
Jun 21, 2006
The IgM antibody is not specific to herpes, it's a general purpose antibody which shows up for many things other than herpes. The Herpes IgG antibody is specific to herpes, if you have this antibody then you have the virus.

Many doctors are not up to speed with proper herpes testing, many think that the presence of IgM antibodies means an recent infection within the past 6 months. This is not true! Studies have shown that the IgM antibodies will show up in recurring outbreaks 33% of the time. Others studies have shown just having a positive IgM result doesn't mean you'll be turning positive for IgG. So if your doctor says s/he has a test to determine if it's recent or not, just say no! Make them pay for it.

Bottom line, a positive IgM test doesn't mean you do have the herpes virus and a negative IgM test doesn't mean you don't. It's just an unreliable test for diagnosing herpes. Toss out any IgM results.

There are two major Labs in the US that do the actual blood work, Quest and LabCorp. Quest announced last month they will no longer perform the IgM bloodtest for herpes testing because of the confusion it causes.
Re: IgM Test
Jul 8, 2006
27 F I have had shingles twice June 05, June 06 2nd round has made all other areas not related to the rash to have crazy sensations now my feet hurt hands legs. But my shingles both times were on my back. The 2nd time there wasn't a rash. I am waiting to find ot what it is. Anyone experiencing these same symptoms? All my blood work is clear and my immune system shows healthy.

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