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i was tested for hsv through a IGG and IGM test last month and told i have hsv type 1
up until now i assumed it was from childhood since i would always get these lil bumps on my top lip off and on not cold sores but lil tiny bumps

the doctor also told me that i itch every month a week before my period from to much yeast and when he took samples and i returned for my results he said i had BV and that my pap was adnormal but i tested negative for Hpv so it he gave me scripts for yeast cream and BV cream and told me to take the BV cream for 10 days just fill the tube half was so i took 10 days worth of cream and than 7 days of yeast cream and i also got my monthly after finishing the BV cream

this is the TMI part sorry for so many details

any help is good on whats going on

here goes

i have'nt had any type of sex for like 3 weeks or more do to the doc wanting me to do the BV meds and yeast meds and i got my monthly while taking the meds also but i had finished up the bv meds before hand and finished off the yeast meds while still on my period

here are my problems with whats going on down below

so i had sex yesterday (for the first time since finishing all the meds) around 4am washed up around 8 am i noticed that i broke out in hives in my inner thighs after i washed up the bumps where not there before (why this happened i don't no it's like a had a reaction to the body juices) there where more hive like bumps on one side than the other like 10 on one side and 5 on the other

ok so i check around 11am the hive like bumps where gone no problem

so i check myself again around 8 pm since i kept feeling wet in between my lips all day and i noticed down around my entrance on one side there is this discolored patch thats covered in white stuff (did i mention this pulsing feeling in the spot where the patch is off and on all day today and yesterday)

ok so i wake up this morning and i'm very wet i figure it's just left over juices from yesterday coming out since this usual comes out the next day
(have'nt been that wet yet the rest of the day so it had to be the juice from sex

i washed up again this morning and notice that i'm sore around my entrance (it seems the soreness should have been there yesterday after i had sex not a whole day later i look and the patch is still there i try to wipe off the white stuff thats on top of the area and it hurts to wipe but some did come off and it looks red under i than wet some toilet paper with warm water and try to wipe the white stuff and it does'nt come off

i have extra skin around my entrance and one of my inner lips (the same one where the patch is is longer the the other) the extra skin comes from being pregnant twice and i guess my stuff expanded to much lol and did'nt retract

any way when i pull this skin it pulls out from my body maybe a inch and i tilt the mirror and i can see this red area it's not a spot or defined circle but area (i saw this before when i was on my period i used a tampon once towards the end (i had already finished the yeast meds) it was the jumbo (biggest one ob sells) i figuried it was from me putting in the tampon and not being wet enough cause it did hurt

i am also itchy off and on and yesterday i noticed a gray discharge (which i heard the normal color of a womans discharge is grayish until it dries and than turns either white when dry on white panties or some what yellow

what is going on with me and how can i figure out what the problem is it the sex we had yesterday it was only once

is this hsv 1 down south now

i'm confused i just finished all the meds to clear up the BV and Yeast

before when i went to the health dept (in my quest to find out why i was itching way back last year ) the lady who checked me out said my problem was yeast as usual which every time for the past 3 years it's either yeast or bv or both that has me itching they never see anything else (but i know now i have hsv type 1) and that the white patchs that i could'nd rub off where sticky yeast (it hurt when she wiped it also back but i don't think it was red back than

the yeast and bv should be gone and now that i'm thinking i have seen this patch thing before and it went away on it's own (usual when i itch i see the clumpy yeast cheese now i don't just milky it can't be a std since i just had the doc test me for everything and i have'nt had sex enough to have a std now
i have been checking myself like every night since finishing both meds and my period and i'm 90% sure nothing was wrong down below and this did'nt show up until after sex yesterday (the itching included

does this sound like hsv 1 down south or could this maybe to much friction and extra skin and not enough personal lube

how can i find out if this is hsv ? go have a swab test which it's the weekend and the docs office is closed and i have a clinic appt to retest my abnormal pap on the 10th of july i can asked him about the patchs after sex than

but any ideas from you guys


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