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First let me just say, surprisingly I'm handling my diagnosis rather well...compared to when I first found this wonderful group of people! :) So thank you...the support and words of wisdom have helped tremendously!'s the thing......
....I'm still very confused and now some what frustrated...........
My Dr. confirmed 2 weeks ago that I tested positive for the IgM blood test but negative results came back from the IgG test. Now please keep in mind, I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada - where testing for H is a joke! From what I've been told, it seems over here in my part of the world we don't have type specific testing and for that matter, until about 3-4 yrs or so ago, us Canadians had to go to the U.S. for blood testing as it was not done here (or at least not in the city I live in!). We are not nearly as up-to-date with such testing as the Americans clearly are....kudos to the U.S.!!

Anyway...sorry, got off track a bit there (lol)....I also had a positive result from the culture test...a swab of the sores was done about 5 days BEFORE the blood test(s), where I found out a week later it was positive and the following week I got the blood results back.

My Dr. is telling me that because I tested positive for the IgM blood test and negative for the IgG test, this leads her to believe that this is an accute reaction/result from a recent exposure, "likely within the past few weeks to a month or so" were her words. She said because of the symptoms I experienced (which were indicative of an inital OB) and because of the blood work coming back with the results mentioned above, she was almost certain the exposure was a recent one. Is this true??? :confused: It just seems that one Dr. says something so different from the next....causing even more confusion! :dizzy:

Can someone who has knowledge of this please shed some light for me? I mean really, what is the difference between these tests (IgG and IgM)? How is it that she's certain it's a recent exposure?? :confused:
[QUOTE=over21]The HerpeSelect blood test for HSV1 and HSV2 is the most common FDA approved test in the US, and was approved for use in Canada in 2001. It might be a little harder to find but it's there. You might consider calling Focus Technologies, in Cypress, California to see if it's marketed under a different name in Canada.

Questions: Did your culture get typed for HSV1 or HSV2? That's VERY important. Was your IgG test negative for both HSV1 and HSV2?[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for the reply back...though still some what confusing, it makes more sense now.

In response to the above, I was told by my Dr. that type testing blood work is now available in Canada, however, only in certain locations (Toronto being one of those locations - apparently there are only 3 locations across the Country that have the ability to screen for the specific type, as far as my Dr. is aware).

That said, when speaking with my Dr. about my results, I did ask if there was any indication or way of knowing which type I carry. She said with the testing done here in Canada (or I guess more specifically the city of Winnipeg, where I reside), none of the results can confirm as to which type (not even the culture test it seems). I'm assuming in the U.S. the results of a culture swab (if positive) are indicative of the specific type as well? It's so sad how behind Canada is when it comes to our health care (a whole other story not belonging in this thread!).

As for the IgG results, all she said is that those results game back negative (therefore I assume that means for both types as the testing done here isn't able to determine the type).

So basically, if my cutlure came back positive (which it did - 9 days after the swab was taken, with the sores appearing approx. 24-36 hrs before the swab was done) and being that my blood work for the IgM came back positive (September 6/7 - approx. 16 days after the sores began to appear) what would now be the point in folow-up blood work? Sure at some point the IgG results will come back postive but at this point we already know this, so my confusion now is why does this matter or does it matter?

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