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She needs to get a vaginal swab done to determine whether the soreness and redness is still being caused by the thrush which is very likely, but in some cases genital herpes has been known to give similar symptoms to thrush.

Now if she was the only one being treated for thrush and you were not, it is likely that you may have passed it back to her. Best thing is for both partners to be treated for thrush at the same time and if you have to have sex during this time use a condom to protect from reinfecting each other.

The other thing with thrush is that for me personally those one off yeast treatments do ZERO. I always find that the 7 day treatments are most effective, even though it's tedious and messy.

If the swab results come back showing no thrush then it could be the herpes reocurring after sex caused by friction and insufficient lubrication. Some couples have found that they need extra lubrication during sex to prevent some form of herpes occuring after sex. A lot of people can't use those standard lubricants such as KY and what ever other brands are out there due to the ingredients causing a reaction. There are some natural fruit based lubes out there now, they might cost a bit more than your standard cheap lubes, but well worth the money. I don't know if they have this particular brand over there but it's called Sylk and if i'm in need of a lubricant i know that one wont have an adverse reaction. It contains no parabens and it has a natural citrus preservative and it even contains grapefruit seed extract which some people actually buy to help combat yeast infections. KY and other brands like it made me itch and sting and turn red down there and that was before any form of sex!!

It would be of great benefit for her to also invest in a quality probiotic if she has been dealing with medications which have led to thrush. I had very bad bouts of thrush about 10yrs ago and never thought i'd get rid of it, but i did and i have rarely had it since then. I take a daily probiotic on an empty stomach about half and hour or an hour before food. I've found probiotic capsules to work wonders and if i ever have to take antibiotics i simply take 2 probiotics daily (1 at night and one in morning) and i get absolutely no yeast infections after the antibiotics.

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