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i have a herpes simplex infection on the palm of my hand and have had it for ten years. My outbreaks have been more frequent over the past few months , but i am not able to go on any suppression therapy due to some problems with my liver. Here's my concern-- a freind called me tonight to tell me that she has 2 sores on her leg that are unbearably itchy, with white spots and the sores are connected by a red line. What does anyone think the chances are that she may have caught this from me? it may seem silly, but i still get so scared and have such a huge sense of responsibility about this. I keep my hand clean and wrapped up whenever i have an infection, but sometimes the virus will still shed when you don't know it. I need someone to talk to who can understand how i am feeling and offer some reassurance. I end up feeling soterrible whenever anyone close to me gets any kind of a rash that i vomit, i am unable to eat or sleep for days. Any suggestions on how to handle my anxiety?

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