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I have to first start off by saying I have not tried Tagamet. But I just did some reading online and found some interesting information about how this over the counter drug can be cheaper, and better than anti-viral drugs at shortening the duration of a herpes OB and preventing future ones...and it can be bought without a prescription.

I read on another herpes message board that someone used an anal suppository form of it for several weeks and claimed it stopped her OBs after having had herpes for 25 years. I did some more research and found there have been studies on its effectiveness in treating both Shingles and HSV. It was effective against both. The reason why the drug manufacturer, SmithKline, will not do a study on its effectiveness against herpes is that the patented drug Tagamet is no longer protected and can be sold as a generic form called cimetidine. So they have nothing to gain financially from it.

Tagamet is sold OTC as a heartburn medicine. It works by boosting the immune system by blocking T-lymphocyte suppressor cells.

It looks like there are a lot of newbies on this site recently diagnosed, or think they might be. Anyway, I hope someone tries it and tells us if it worked for them. :)
Yep, I've been using this for herpes for quite a while and it does work especially if you start taking it as soon as you feel the OB coming on, I have a thread I started a long time ago here at these board.
I am not sure yet if I will try it, as it is still a drug. I am also trying a few other things right now, number one being ozone therapy treatments. I would like to know what thing I am doing is actually working. If I take too many things at the same time I may not know what really helped me.

I don't remember your post, Keepsgoin, but that's cool, one person on here can attest to its benefits. But you said you still have very bad itchiness in a few areas of your body. Does it not help with that? Have you tried taking it consistently for several weeks? I read that doing that can put it into remission. The dosage suggested was 200 mg, 3x/day...and 400 mg at bedtime at first symptom of an OB. Then continue taking for 1-2 weeks after symptoms abate. Maybe taking it for even longer, consistently could do even more good.
Oceanus - It makes total sense to try one thing at a time - at least then you know what is or isn't working. :) I really hope the ozone works out for you!!

Keepsgoing - I read your other post. That's totally cool. But doesn't it just go fig that the drug companies are so focussed on us taking drugs that cost $200/course, when something that helps as much or better is so cheaply and easily availalbe!! Geez!
I've been feeling better and better since my first ozone therapy treatment, last Monday (6 days ago), with just a little tingling here and there, nothing major. I know that with some cleansing treatments sometimes it makes things worse before they get better, but so far in the herpes department, it's just been better. It did put me under the whether a little bit for a day or two, but then felt improved.

My ozone therapy/oriental medicine doc recommended I take Oxy Powder if I want to cleanse my colon and further help with toxin release. I just ordered it. Their website is very interesting and I read another site in which people praised its effectiveness. I cannot take many types of herbs because they are plant estrogens (e.g. evening primrose, black cohosh), because they give me severe headaches, and many colon cleansers have several of these ingredients in them, but this one does not. Overall, I don't think adding extra hormones, whether plant derived or synthetic, is healthy for us if our body's hormones are already in balance. Unfortunately the government allows estrogens to be given to cows, sprayed on our veggies and fruits and used in manufacturing everyday items...but I digress! :)
Well for some stupid reason I just didn't start taking "tagamet" when this rash started up and it was just full blown when I started to take it. Don't ask me? So when I did take it, it really didn't do anything noticeable. I have had wonderful luck when I start taking it right away. I stopped taking it when it didn't seem to help this OB of the rash(about 5 days of it) because I just don't like to take medications for an extented amount of time if ya know what I mean. I started taking Echinacea and my other vitamins that I had stopped taking thinking I didn't need them anymore(OLE and B12):rolleyes:

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