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Has anyone heard of QuickClear apparently it can cure the virus in 3 months in someone who has recently contracted it.. I would like to give it a try but don't want to get scammed has anyone else heard of it or tried it???

I have never heard about that , but as far as I know there is no cure. i just recently saw my doctor and I haven't had the virus for long, so I am not sure it is real. I would talk to an actual doctor and see what they have to say.
I am going to my nurse practitioner next week as I have so many questions the dr. that diagnosed me gave me no information what so ever I feel quite frustrated depressed and frightened right now.. I will bring it up to her and see what she thinks.. One testimonial on the quick clear site states that after three months of treatment the person tested negative for herpes worth a shot maybe..

thanks for your response I really appreciate it..
[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Trust me on this one- if someone had miraculously come up with an actual cure for herpes, we would have seen it on CNN, Fox News, BBC and any newspaper that you can think of. And it would be available by prescription only from your health care practitioner, at that.

Please do not throw any money away before that trip to your NP.[/COLOR][/FONT]
I agree,but it never hurts to ask a health professional. Take Care!
i agree i know how easy it is to get scammed the site says that its been on USA Today , WebMd and a few others .. some info I have found says it suppresses it I will definatley talk to my NP about and let you know what she thinks..

thanks again

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