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Hi again just wanted to post an update plus get some advice. My Ob is almost gone if not already I am still giving it a couple days to be sure. But my strep throat is gone. But my son has a cold and he gave it to me so I am sick again but no strep throat this time. Does anyone think my chances of having another ob there because my immune system is still done?
I am only taking one pill of valtrex a day since my ob is almost healed. I will take them until my cold is gone. I was taking 2 a day while I had an ob.

and if any body knows anything about pregnancy and herpes. here is the question my husband and I have been ttc. I ovulated 2 days before ob if I did get pregnant what is the risk to the baby. I have heard that the baby isn't affected unless you have an ob in ur 3rd trimester but with it being so close and it just scares me think about it. My other 2 kids are healthy but inever had an ob with them either. Any advice would help..


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