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Does anyone know anyone about using Tagamet (a.k.a cimetidine for treatment of stomach ulcers) for herpes treatment? I came across a number of articles over 20 years that discussed the use of this drug in dramatically enhancing immune function and therefore ridding patients of shingles and HSV.

Apparently, doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't recommend the drug either for lack of education or lack of desire since it's so cheap.

I'm very curious, so let me know if you've heard of it.

Read about it here: [url="http://www.*******/magazine/mag2001/mar2001_report_tagamet_1.html"]http://www.*******/magazine/mag2001/mar2001_report_tagamet_1.html[/url]
Hello! About 2 months ago I had my first OB of genital herpes. I've been trying to gather information about what is a virus, how it works and so on. I'm so glad I found this health board! You guys are GREAT!

Anyway, after my first OB, it has felt that it has never really cleared up in the spots where I had the worst OB's and that's on my two labias.

Besides taking a suppressive dose of Valtrex (500 mg), I've tried topically H-Balm, Zovirax (yee gads! expensive when you don't have insurance!) ... then my friend had some samples of Aldara (for genital warts)and Abreva and so I tried those also but with NO good results.

BUT! The other day, I picked up in the health food section a tube of SuperLysine Plus+ cream for cold sores that is packed with all sorts of great stuff! Main ingredient is Zinc Oxide ... interesting huh? Applied it topically to my labia and for the past 3 days have finally felt normal in that region! Plus I've started taking 200 mg of cimedtidine (generic tagamet) and just normal Lysine capsules 2 X's a day.

Hey? I know this stuff can be individualistic and you just have to experiment on what works for you. I really feel that the cimedtidine is a big contributing factor but I don't want to stop the Valtrex because of the "shedding" ... I'd sure like to know if cimetidine cuts down on the viral shedding? Does anyone know?

Also, from what I've found out, I'd be willing to go out of the country for oxygen treatments. It makes sense. Does anyone know if any foreign counry is doing that process?

This is a great board!

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