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I had unprotected sex with a chick and 2.5 weeks later I had painful urination oral thrush and a very small rash in my pubic region.

I was put on antibotics.

While on the antibiotics my skin and eyes started looking really unhealthy and very itchy. Vision became blurry and thrush became worse. My muscles and joints ached. My body tempature was consistentley low (96.7-97.2)

I felt good for a few days then it hurt to urinate again and I was put on Antibitics for over 2 weeks. (felt like crap and it still hurt to pee). My skin (especially my penis) got really sensitive. I starte noticing the "paper cut" things. They were not actually cuts but they looked like they could have been)

At the 6 week mark I had a HIV and Herpes test done. Both came back negative. I have to go back for another HIV test in November or December.

I was check by 10 doctors who all said that I did not have herpes. But I wanted to be tested and on blood testday the doc said that He saw no symtoms of a current outbreak and ran a "IGG" test.

the test had a "Less than .9 is negative for anti-bodies" standard.

My scores were : HSV-1 = .08
HSV-2= .04

I talked to a STD doc today and she said that a IMG test should have been run as well.

I called my doc and he said he would have run the IGM if he saw symptoms.

I also read that "immunocomprimed" people may not produce enough anti bodies to have an accurate test. Could the antibiotics depleted my immune system to the poin where I couldnt produce enough anti-bodies?

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