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I have been abstinent for 10 months now due mainly to a break up of a relationship. Back in 1998 I had an outbreak of small blisters on my lower buttocks. I had tests done and it was negative for Herpes. The doctor said it was Herpes Zoster. Well, yesterday I had my very first outbreak on my vagina. I freaked. It is blisters and it does hurt. I don't know if I have had this since 98' and they misdiagnosed because the sores were too dry, or I got this sometime before 10 months ago. I DID HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX!And not just once. I was young and stupid. So it could be either. Who knows where the hell it came from. I'm stuck with it now. But I was shocked when I saw it on my vagina. I never had an outbreak there before. I lived for 10 years thinking I had Herpes Zoster!

But having it on my Vagina it's probably easier to transmit now. Will it go back to the other spot? As far as I know I never infected anyone else. I know this will affect future relationships. I mean, now there is no denying I have this. But my fault for getting drunk and having sex without condoms. I really feel screwed. Now, I feel I am limited to only partners that have it. If I told a guy, you cannot tell me he would not run as fast as he could. I KNOW because I met someone that told me THEY had it, and I did not date him again. This was back when I either didnt have it, or thought it was Shingles (herpes zoster.) I am not in a relationship right now. Now, I'm thinking I should try to find that guy that told me he had it. LOL. He was really cool besides that. I am so afraid now of infecting anyone else. Who is gonna want me now?I am dirty. I am devastated.

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