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[QUOTE=love4455;3822700]can blood work determine how long i had herpes////because my huband was tested and his doctor told him he had it for over a year and does not need treatment because its less than 90,, whats going on[/QUOTE]

Someone is confused is what's going on. If the doctor told him he had it then the result could not be <.90. Over .90 is the range for positive.
So you need to get a copy of the test results to see what the value really was. Make sure it was the correct test also - it should have been a [B]'type specific [COLOR="Magenta"][U]IGG[/U][/COLOR] blood test'[/B] not an IGM test as it is useless.

It takes GENERALLY 3-4 months for enough antibodies to be produced to show up in a blood test. That's about the best timing you can get. If he/you have a positive result you could have had it for years or got it in that 3-4 month time frame. The numbers don't really mean a whole lot other than kick you into the positive range. Most doctors will wait a few months and do a restest for results that show up in the 1.00 to 3.5 range.
Wasnt' he tested once you found out you had herpes???? Was your test a blood test or a swab culture?

Have him ask his doctor for a 'type specific IgG blood test'. HerpeSelect is the most common brand. TELL HIM NOT TO ORDER AN IGM TEST AND REFUSE TO PAY FOR IT IF HE DOES.

Again, GENERALLY 3-4 months after being infected it will show up in blood. Some people show positive earlier, some like Oceanus on this board took a good six months.

But if it is positive it could have been there for years or within that time frame depending on one's sexual past etc.

From your first post on this board I see that your doctor told you to use condoms for only 2 months? That is incorrect. Once you have herpes you 'shed' the virus from the skin at various times and you don't know when that shedding occurs. Plus when first infected you shed more so because your body has not learned how to fight the virus yet. So if you stopped using condoms at 2 months, you could have passed this to your boyfriend already.

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