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The symptoms of herpes on your buttocks are like symptoms everywhere else...they differ greatly with each person. One person could have a single sore or a rash appear, whereas another person could have several or many sores. They can look like a rash, a tiny red spot, a sore or lesion, or a blister. They can even look like a pimple with a white head. You may or may not have the tingling sensation, but usually there is SOME sign that you are about to have an outbreak, whether it be a slight tingling or other symptoms. Most primary infections are very dramatic and once in a life time events that happen 3-14 days after exposure...and they include things like fever, stiff neck, painful urination, watery discharge from the woman, itching and stinging or burning in the area, red spots that form blisters that ooze then disappear. These symtoms may last up to several weeks and their severity depends mostly on how soon one starts taking medication (acyclovir or valtrex usually). A first episode is not the same as the primary infection. Some times people never have a true primary infection because they have already built up some resistance to the virus. In these cases, the herpes appears in a milder form, usually without all those symptoms I mentioned above, but will include some, like the sore/sores or rash, or perhaps the burning sensation. Dr. Stephen Sacks, on of the authorities on herpes, says in his book The Truth About Herpes, that though herpes can appear anywhere on the body, it appears less frequently in the buttock area. That does not mean it won't show up there, it can. If you are not sure you have herpes, get one of those sores or the rash cultured as soon as it appears and you can most likely find out if it is herpes. Also, there are blood tests that specifically test for HSV. What you will soon learn is that though there are many similar experiences people with herpes have, there are just as many that are peculiar to each person. We all react physically to herpes in a little bit different way.
This is my first time posting although I've been coming here every day for about 5 months since I found out that I got HSV 2 from my girlfriend who had been raped (she was blood tested right after - oh if only I was educated then!). We've broken up now due to her not being able to handle the guilt of infecting me and life pretty much sucks for me now. HOWEVER, I do have something to add in this topic:

I've done amazing amounts of research and the only thing I know for sure is that nothing can be known for sure! I started with a rash where the pubic hair is and didn't change for weeks. When tiny blisters appeared I went to the Dr. and he gave me Famvir which I took for a week, outbreak got worse. It would not go away and stayed for about 6 or 7 weeks. What eventually worked was DMSO and hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day. I haven't had an outbreak in that spot since (3 months), but it popped up on my thighs and moved up my stomach and even my chest. It even showed up on my wrist! I wanted to die, for real. I now have about 4 dozen lesions from tiny red marks to healing scabs. I find a new batch every few days and they last 6 or 7 weeks!

OK, now I was wondering why my outbreak areas are changing/spreading and then I read about an experiment. I am sure all of you have heard about oxygenation (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc). Alot of people think this is quackery, I believe it will eventually cure all disease. The experiment involved HSV infected blood in a petri dish. Hydrogen peroxide was carefully added to a portion and the rest was left untreated. After a while researchers noticed that the virus that contacted the H2O2 was destroyed, the rest moved to the end of the dish where the H2O2 did not reach (IT KNOWS! LOL). I think because I constantly slathered H2O2 over my initial outbreak area, the virus "ran" from it. HSV hides in nerve cell ganglion and I've been doing research on this too. They say it "hides" in the sacral (base of spine) ganglion for genitally expressed HSV (1 or 2) and trigeminal (top of spine) ganglion for facial lesions. Well, this is "in general". There are four regions of the spine and the nerves supply different areas of the skin called dermatomes. The lesions on my chest were a safe haven because I was not applying H2O2 to the area of my spine that supplied the outbreak area. This is because nowhere did I hear that the virus could establish latency anywhere along the spine. My initial outbreak disappeared immediately after applying H2O2 and DMSO (to "pull" the H2O2 into the ganglion - this stuff will pull the dye out of your clothes and into your body!) and hasn't reappeared there yet, even though I get outbreaks in other areas every few days. I think I'm onto something. I've just started covering my entire spine with both substances. It's not even been 24 hours so I can't say anything yet. But I will keep you posted. Also, please remember that everything I say is just my own ideas and hypotheses. I could be wrong about my latest hunch, but I won't know until I try it, right?

Sorry for the long message. I am very messed up over all of this. But, I have hope that there is some way to rid ourselves of this. I am convinced, and I will leave no stone unturned until I find it or else I'll die trying. This board is invaluable as a place to come and share experience, research, and grief with those who truly understand. The regulars here have helped me without even knowing it and now I can say "thanks". I'll keep in touch!


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