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Re: Please Help Me
Aug 27, 2002
Originally posted by welco:
i check my crotch everyday before we have sex, if i see a rash or anything like herpes, i abstain...

It is not true that if you are symptom free then you are not contagious. People can and do shed the virus without symptoms.

...having a penis, lets me check easier for herpes, then what a women can with her vagina, which is inside her, so it is more likely for a women to be active and not know it, then a man.

That is not necessarily true either. First of all, women very easily can and do get outbreaks on the external parts of the vagina. And even if her OB is inside the vagina, women frequently feel symptoms of tingling, itching, pain, swelling, etc.

The important thing to remember is that it is possible to shed the virus with or without recognisable symptoms, and that it is possible (although probably less likely) to transmit it through skin-to-skin contact with locations other than what have been obvious outbreaks.

...if she gets pregnant in the future, if she has herpes, i will advice her to take valtrex for 3 weeks till conception, so that when u give birth , ur vagina willl be herpes free, and ur baby can pass thru without catching it

It is true that antiviral drugs are safe during pregnancy and can *reduce* viral shedding, though not necessarily eliminate it. It is not a guarantee that the mother will not be shedding and therefore putting her baby at risk.

I'm not trying to be alarmist, but to point out that the reality is there is no guarantee. There is a definite and serious risk to the baby if it catches herpes, so many women prefer to be over-cautious than to possibly underestimate the risk.

At the same time, the likelihood of transmitting it to the baby goes way up if you have your primary/first episode while pregnant (30-50% rate of infection). Many women opt for a C-section in that case, just to be on the safe side as it seems to be the safest method. Antivirals can usually help to reduce outbreaks and shedding, but again it's not a guarantee.

...taking valtrex, goes into ur babys blood stream as well, giving him a barrier of protection,

I have not seen any information on- or off-line to suggest that antivirals have a direct effect on preventing transmission in anyone, fetus or adult. It sounds possible in theory, but I suspect that if this was likely we would have heard about this as a possible way of preventing transmission in adults (e.g., the non-HSV person taking antivirals in advance of having sex with someone who is HSV+). I have never heard this even as a theory. There may be truth in it, but I haven't heard that it is even considered likely by current research at this time.


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