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To respond briefly to a few of your questions: It sure sounds like your partner's girlfriend and he have HSVI, which can also be genital. I say that because while it is not totally impossible to get HSVII orally, it is very rare, according to Dr. Stephen Sacks, a herpes authority and author of The Truth About Herpes. In fact, he says in all his years of practice and herpes study he has yet to see an oral case of HSVII that was contracted from someone's genitals who had HSVII. With that said, it would make sense why you are having outbreaks in the mouth and also genital area. The most common way HSVI is contracted is through kissing and oral sex. If the person who has HSVI performs oral sex on a partner while he or she is active, the partner is likely to contract HSVI in the genital region. Does that make sense? That is my educated guess based on Dr. Sacks and other research. However, as everyone knows, herpes, II and II, can be very tricky and sometimes does not go "by the rules." However, it does tend to be rather territorial, particularly HSVII more so than HSVI.
Many things are thought to trigger outbreaks, among them, sunlight, extreme heat and cold temperature, excessive friction, colds, flu, sleepiness and tiredness, stress, poor immune system in general, and some think even certain foods high in arginine (though this one is highly debated and not generally accepted by the herpes authorities like Dr. Sacks). So, the sun could very well have triggered your outbreak. However, usually, note I said, usually, a true primary infection is a once in a life-time event, in that it is very severe and has the symptoms of the more severe one you described. I have not heard of a person experiencing a primary infection AFTER a first "episode". Read Dr. Sacks book (you can get it online...try and he explains the difference. Now, a person can have a mild outbreak, then have a more severe one, but that is not the primary infection that second time. Sacks says that the true primary infection is the only time one can be pretty sure when and from whom the herpes was will appear generally from 2-10 days after exposure. Otherwise, with first episodes, who knows..they often go unnoticed and appear mild or as a rash, small sore, look like a yeast infection, etc. and the person does not think it could be an STD. That is why some people contract HSVI as a child and never know it till later in life when a more visible or annoying sign shows up on their mouth or inside, etc. Make some of these remarks are helpful. I would suggest the book as a reference. That is where most of us have learned about herpes. Believe me, doctors generally do not know all that much about herpes, so you have to educate yourself and them.

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