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Looking for more help, I got print out of the blood work.

They said it could be wrong due to confusing it with hsv-1 (which is something I've had before.) They scheduled me next month for the final test just in case it's a false positive.

Hsv1 IGG AB low:NEG
Hsv1 IGG AB value low:0.90 index
Hsv2 IGG AB low:NEG
Hsv2 IGG AB value low:<0.90 index

Hsv1 igm result low:NEG
Hsv1 igm index value:0.0-0.9 index
Hsv2 igm result low:NEG
Hsv2 igm index value 0.0-0.9 index

Please help, do I have a fighting chance of maybe not having the virus at all?

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