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Hello all,

I had a one night stand on September 9th with a female who later admitted to having "cold-sores" from time-to-time. She did not look like she was having an outbreak and she claimed she was not in the middle of one either. I performed oral on her, she performed oral on me, and I had anal sex with a condom on. I know transmission can happen regardless of an outbreak. She is not on antiviral therapy.

I left her place the next day and noticed when I was driving home I felt a very sharp pain in my left buttocks. It felt like a bee sting or a beetle bite so I grabbed my pants/butt in an attempt to kill a bug if there had been one. That was the only instance of pain I've experienced since and it lasted less than couple of seconds.

About 3-4 days after I started feeling run down. Felt like I had a fever and slight chills, but no pain and I felt like I had most of my energy. Throat was sore as well, subsides during the day, but becomes sore again at night. Regardless I've felt well enough to go lift weights and eat a normal diet.

Throughout this whole ordeal I haven't noticed any blisters, rashes, lesions, etc. I went to Planned Parenthood on September 16th (9-10 days post encounter) for a swap, urine analysis, and HIV test. I explained symptoms to doctor and she looked over my mouth and could find no evidence of herpes. She felt my lymph nodes as well and didn't seem concerned. I pointed out that there was a spot on my bottom left lip where if I ran my tongue over it, tasted acidity and had a weird texture. She looked at that as well (it was more of a feeling to me and less of a visible symptom), but did not seem concerned with it.

Overall she told me she doesn't think I have herpes and if I'm still concerned to come back in for a blood test down the road. I forgot to mention my butt pain to her as to be honest it didn't even cross my mind that it happened until tonight.

Tonight while working out I felt a little sensation in my butt cheek again. It wasn't a pain or anything, just a quick ache. I was squatting tonight so that could have caused it. Regardless, I went to the bathroom to try to see if my cheeks were having an outbreak. Overall buttocks looked fine, a little red from tighter briefs, but I noticed a couple super small dots if I pull my skin to the side (i.e. stretched it out). When I got home I tried looking for those dots again in the mirror, but could not find them.

I still feel a little of the flu symptoms in the morning, but they usually go away as I get up and go about my routine/school.

At this point I'm confused. The timing just seems too close to think I caught a common flu bug. When I called her after my doctor visit she admitted she's had cold sores since she was a kid, but only gets an outbreak about once a year (usually in the winter). She's never told anyone because she thought it was no big deal if she wasn't having an outbreak. I asked if she's known any other guy who's had issues after being with her and she said no.

It's hard to make rational decisions too as everything becomes so noticeable when you're on edge looking for clues.

[QUOTE=angeleyz81;5224166]You really may be fine and maybe your brain is over thinking everything and the more you think of it the more your feeling some type of way?

I would suggest just wait it out until the 4 month mark to get tested via blood test to see if you have it or not. There really is no need to drive yourself batty over it right now or if you wanted you could get the blood test now but if you test positive chances are you already had it ( I am not saying you do but a lot of people have it and don't know).

I wish you the best and just try to keep calm :)[/QUOTE]

Thank you.

In the meantime should I abstain from sex? Should I have sex, but warn partners that I may potentially have herpes, but signs are pointing towards no?

Today my buttocks itched a bit. Wasn't major, but I had to shift in my seat a bit to ease the itchiness. I had about two bouts of itchiness that both lasted roughly 3-4 minutes. There was a red dot on my left cheek after class. I touched it to see if it was painful, etc. but it didn't have much sensation. I just looked at it again and it didn't get bigger, etc.

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