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... What do you know about herpes manifesting itself INSIDE the mouth? ... (2 replies)
... My recommendation would be for your friend to get to the doctor while the blisters are there to have a culture done, as this is the only way to tell for sure if it's herpes or not. ... (2 replies)
... cancker sore type things inside my mouth like on my lips inside my mouth and under my tounge and on my cheeks iside my mouth. ... (4 replies)

... First, blisters at the back of the throat can be a symptom of a strep virus (there is more than one strain of strep). I had the worst strain of strep when I was in my early 20' symptoms were a VERY sore throat w/blisters toward the back of the throat (upper and sides) as well as a very sore neck and high fever (with some other body aches). My throat was swabbed and the... (2 replies)
Blisters in Mouth?
Jun 16, 2005
... Hi. Earlier this week, I woke up one day with a couple of clusters of blisters on the inside lining of my cheeks. They're very painful and when they pop, fluid comes out. They then turn into a canker sore and eventually go away. ... (1 replies)
... If it really is a "blister", it would sound suspiciously like herpes if it recurred in the oral area. However you may have some kind of mouth ulcer or canker sore. As the above poster says, if it's inside the mouth, it may well not be oral herpes although it still could be. ... (2 replies)
... Weird thing is while he had outbreak below he also formed blisters around mouth,he even had blister just inside his nose? ... (12 replies)
... a blister isnt always a cold sore. and if its inside of your mouth.. its usually a canker sore. which isnt caused by herpes. but you can get coldsores inside your mouth.. its just.. not as common. ... (2 replies)
... to make sure, I haven't had any symptoms to rely on except for the two canker sore looking things, but I kissed this girl so If she had bacteria or fungis in her mouth it may have been my body reacting to it and causing 2 canker sores. ... (3 replies)
... As soon as you get that feeling of a sore coming on...go to the freezer and get ice and put it on there for as long as you can stand it...then every 5 minutes for at least an hour. You will not only get immediate releif, but the ice seems to kill the virus that causes the sores. Use it eveytime you feel one coming on even before it blisters. It has always worked for me and I... (13 replies)
... like blisters around the outside of the mouth. For both of us, it had always been a big blister on the lip. ... (4 replies)
... specific blood test done. The symptoms you have around the genital and anal area do sound to me like herpes. The blisters and sores around the mouth also sound like herpes to me. ... (1 replies)
... with the sores inside healing up and the sores on my lips weeping and then crusting over. ... (0 replies)
... there is alot of genital hsv1. oral hsv2 is rarer and it is speculated because since alot of people have facial hsv1, it gets them a degree of immunity against mouth hsv2. ... (7 replies)
... Are they inside your mouth or outside and what do they look like? ... (6 replies)
... soreness is inside near the crease. ... (2 replies)
... hours later, these become little ulcers or sores, kind of like the sores you might get in your mouth after eating too many acidic foods or after biting the inside of your cheek badly. ... (7 replies)
Jun 25, 2005
... The only real way to know if it's for sure herpes is the have a "herpes Culture Test" done. They have to take a small bit of the fluid from inside the blister in order to do the culture test. The blood tests don't always have sure results when it comes to herpes. ... (4 replies)
... was practically screaming his head off and it was painful for him to even walk. That's because the herpes blisters were inside the lining of the urethra. Then over a few days he had the blisters on the outside which were excruciatingly painful. ... (1 replies)
Herpes 1?
Dec 10, 2012
... not on any skin or genital area, but I looked up citric acid intolerable symptoms online and they said that you would only react on the inside of the mouth. ... (1 replies)

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