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Needing advice
Sep 12, 2009
... Hello, I recently had protected sex 4 weeks ago. 2 days after the sex I began to itch everywhere on my body, I mean everywhere... after 2 more days it stayed on my scrotum and inside my buttocks. ... (2 replies)
Is this Herpes?
Sep 25, 2007
... orry to be such a bother but I'm just REALLY confused. Confused as to why my "lesions" are nothing like typical herpes, and by typical I mean from what I've read on here about herpes and what I've read in general. I've read that they itch or hurt and come in clusters. ... (25 replies)
... If it is don't expect it to get better all that soon. Sometimes, just as one outbreak is ending and healing another area starts acting up. This cycle can go on and on. The initial OB is usually the worst. However, I've had bad ones since my first. ... (4 replies)

... I had outbreaks first 1 or 2 times a year, and then in recent years more frequently. I have never had an outbreak on my penis, testicles or anus, strictly on my back. ... (2 replies)
... sations. Fatigue or swelling of the lymph glands also are known to occur. With hours or days after a prodrome, the renewed virus moves to the lesion stage. These blisters appear most often on the face, genitals, or buttocks. ... (2 replies)
... t doc did not say was herpes . was given an ointment for it and had no signs for quite sometime . I had shingles a few years ago . only on my leg . had no idea what it was until went doc . just have a small scar patch where had it . ... (2 replies)
Do i hav it?
Dec 20, 2005
... also it says on webmd that these little blisters break and become oozing sores. It doesnt seem to be happening to me. ... (9 replies)
Help Me Please
Oct 20, 2005
... Many people aren't aware that they have herpes until they have a outbreak. The obvious sign is a sore on the mouth or genitals. ... (1 replies)
... I have been tested for HIV 1 and 2 many times since, the most recent being 7 months after the encounter, and remain negative. I have been on courses of Doxycyclene, Levaquin, Azythromycin and, most recently Chlorythromycin. I have tried Valtrex and Acyclovir without any effect. ... (0 replies)
Advice Please
Sep 19, 2004
... I am a male and about 3 months ago I had condom protected sex with a female. However, before the intercourse there was some genital grinding going on between us with skin to skin contact. ... (2 replies)
... outbreaks that come and go. The key part being that they GO at certain points and are not constantly around. I have been on suppressive Valtrex but it doesn't work. ... (13 replies)
... Unfortunately Herpes can look like anything. I personally get it on my right buttock as well, just inside my crack. ... (8 replies)
... pain sometimes in what I think are my lymph nodes at my waste, a least once a rash on my upper thigh, a throbbing pain at the inner tip of my penis and itching and what may or may not be pimples on my buttocks. ... (0 replies)
... I take 1000 mg of Lysine until it passes. It may not always prevent the blisters but usually it does, or makes it less servere. I also just recommend keeping that area very clean and dry. ... (1 replies)
Squuezing blisters
Jul 17, 2003
... and put antiseptic ointment on it when the seepage seems to stop. I like Mecca ointment or Polysporin with zinc. I also use a tissue to do the procedure, like you do. ... (7 replies)
... lent cervicitis. They treated me for both gonorrhea and chlamydia as a safety precaution until my test results came back.The next day I noticed pink fleshy bumps on my anus that kind of burned. So I went back to the doctor and he said it was chlamydia. ... (3 replies)
... nce the stress at the skin level might reactivate the virus and weakened skin that produces a spontaneous break might indicate a minor OB happening. I'm guessing on that but if it was me, I'd be cautious. ... (5 replies)
Mar 27, 2003
... Being on my backside, I couldn't really see it, so I always thought it was just a minor infection like a zit or something. ... (8 replies)

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