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... Alex - I gave both of you the FACTS - I'm sorry if they aren't palatable to you. Incidentally, sounds like you need to do some more research. You note that if Cruise Control tests positive for HSV1 he will assume he has herpes and worry needlessly. FYI - If you test positive for HSV1 - you DO have herpes. Herpes is both oral and genital. "Just a cold sore" means you... (24 replies)
... Well I got a body to body massage. The girl was massaging me on my back and at certain times was lying on the backside of my body naked so that I could feel her vagina touching certain parts of the back of my body. ... (24 replies)
... It was at a massage parlor. A legal massage parlor. They do erotic body slides, no full service or oral sex or anything like that. ... (24 replies)

... Now that Catharine and Matter of time of cleared up the whys and wherefores of your question I wana know more about this body to body massage you got. Was this a girl your dating or a on the sly massage parlor or a real massage place? ... (24 replies)
... FYI - she was not rubbing her vagina all over me. I clarified this point in my last post. In my opinion the risk is too small to worry about. Based on the following factors: She was likely to have HSV -1, I did not sleep with her or come into contact with her bodily fluids or mucous membranes, her vagina only touched my intact skin in certain places, and she was not having... (24 replies)
... You asked this and were answered as best we can answer. Yes there IS a risk of getting herpes in this manner. You asked where to go from here and were told to get a blood test in 3 to 4 months. I'm sure this ISN'T what you want to hear but it's the best we can tell you. Sorry. You can even be a virgin and get herpes...sad but true! If she was rubbing her vagina all over... (24 replies)
... "you have been exposed to the virus. Even though she didn't come into contact with your genitals per se - the virus can show up anywhere in the boxer shorts region, so she got close enough." "Now it's the waiting game for you, I'm afraid. If you did get the virus and your body reacts to it, you will likely show symptoms in 3 - 10 days". "If you don't show any symptoms,... (24 replies)
... You don't need to be having an active outbreak in order transfer the virus to another person. The virus goes through periods of "asymptomatic shedding" - basically the virus is active but not showing any symptoms. However, the person carrying the virus has no way of knowing when this happens, and so must consider themselves contagious at all times. Obviously this girl... (24 replies)
... According to MSF(a famous an serious international Docs Association) HSV1 can live up to 3 hours on porous objects and up to 4 hours on solid objects. However it is not exactly known what concentration of the virus is necessary for an actual transmisson to take place. Nevertheless in serveral cases it has been proven that people have contracted the virus by drinking in the... (3 replies)
... U all seem like lovely people and I am sorry for what happened to u. Really I am. I will consider getting tested if I am to form a new relationship with a girl. I dont sleep around as I am too paranoid about STD's anyways. U have made your point. (24 replies)
... my 4 1/2 cents worth: The herpes I have happen to be type 2. They happen to be in my crotch. I GOT them from a man who has never shown sign of herpes. He'd had his share of lovers, long term lovers not fly by night casual encounters. Bottom line. I ended up with diagnosed herpes. Once my test was back and positive he immediately went to his doctor and had blood work done.... (24 replies)
... Someone else help me out here - I'm obviously not explaining this in a way that makes sense. Help!! California - you still out there?? (24 replies)
... I do care about my health I just dont care about HSV-1 as most people have it. Look - Dr's do not condone herpes test for a reason. I am sorry but I listen to my Dr over you. I have never had a cold sore and have been sharing joints, ciggies, drinks, kisses with people that get them for years. I think my future girlfriend will be ok. Just like my last gf was ok and the... (24 replies)
... So what?? You say you likely have HSV1 orally, but can't be bothered to get tested. Do you engage in oral sex?? Then you can give it to someone else genitally. You can spread the virus. Just because you don't seem to care about your health, doesn't give you the right to choose for someone else. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but that's the way it is. And you won't... (24 replies)
... I am listening. Trust me. I dont agree with you that I need testing and you need to accept that. Secondly - I have dated girls that get cold sores? I probably have HSV-1 so what.. Answer me this - I go get tested and I test positive for HSV-1. Then what do I say to my next girlfriend? That she needs to think hard about sleeping with me cause there is a chance I have... (24 replies)
... Alex - This is about you, not me. I don't advocate testing because of what happened to me. A couple of your statements really bother me. Firstly... "However I am still unsure of the merits of the herpes blood test without symptoms." Had my partner known he had herpes, then I would have had the choice as to whether I wanted to expose myself to the virus, but he... (24 replies)
... Fact: You can have hsv1 genitally AND ALSO acquire hsv2 genitally. Or visa versa. Once the virus moves into the area it does not prevent the other strain of same virus from setting up shop also. (24 replies)
... Catharine I know cold sores are oral herpes and I think you know I know this too. What I meant to say is that Cruise will think he has GENITAL herpes when he may just have developed antibodies from a cold sore. I do sympathize with your situation and respect your desire to make more people get tested to prevent the spread of the disease. However I am still unsure of the... (24 replies)
... The girl would have to be have been shedding for me to be exposed and the chances are if you look at my last post she was not shedding. This is fact. Even people with HSV-2 shed no more than 10% of the time. People with HSV-1 with no outbreaks may not shed at all. SO I MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. Is it likely? No far from it. So why would I worry about it? It will not do me any... (24 replies)
... Yes, the risk is low. Have you learned your lesson?? Learned about herpes?? The best way to indicate that you have would be to go get a blood test NOW, to find out if indeed you have herpes. You talk a lot about friends with cold sores etc., and believing that there is a good chance that you may have the virus - a true statement based on statistics. If you go get a... (24 replies)

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