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... ed after about 10 minutes. A milder case of this had happened to me about a month ago, and i let it pass, as it sorted itself out...i experiences some discomfort during urination for the rest of the day, but i let it pass... ... (8 replies)
... ound out today that I have genital herpes. I have the typical horribly painful ulcers, etc, etc. My question is, does anyone know any way at all to prevent the burning during urination? ... (1 replies)
... About a week later i felt a tenderness inside my penis start to devolop and then burning while urinating, which over about 11 days got worse. ... (8 replies)

... I have a high tolerance for pain but now the burning is incredibly bad, i notice blood mixed in with the urine after i urinate. This whole thing has been going on for a little under 3 weeks. ... (8 replies)
... On the 6th I was tested for herpes. I had sex with my partner the Thursday before. A few days after I started burning during urination. It kept getting worse. By the 6th I had lesions, which were extremely painful. Prior to us having sex, he had complained of burning during urination. ... (5 replies)
... is the burning during urination near the opening of your urethra, or deep inside? ... (3 replies)
... If you had a Laparoscopy, there are some cases where you can contract an infection from it. One of the symptoms of that infection is burning during urination. Do you have irritation around the stitches as well? ... (2 replies)
Jul 17, 2012
... just problem after problem. i went to my regular doctor TWICE for yeast infections and UTI's. never had a yeast infection, but had a UTI once. itching, burning, burning during urination. but its all on the outside. can't see anything. and it never seemed to go away. the second time no UTI. so went to my GYNO few times. ... (1 replies)
... (14 replies)
... t nor was there any fluid. It was a little sore and thats why I noticed it in the first place. I have not had any burning, itching, or tingling sensations and no burning during urination. No unusual discharge. ... (14 replies)
... For the past few weeks I have been dealing with symptoms of what I thought was either, chlamydia, gonnoreah, or trich. Some discharge, some burning during urination, mostly after though. ... (3 replies)
Is it herpes??
Oct 7, 2012
... and it started 3 days ago. I started high dose anti biotics yesterday morning and all day today and I have to say I have seen a big difference. I have never felt burning during urination but I hav worried a lot about it bein herpes. Although the odds are slim. If it is herpes when should I expect to see another outbreak? ... (8 replies)
Apr 29, 2011
... but the culture tested negative for the virus. I was in shock... I have never noticed an outbreak, burning during urination or any symptoms related to what others have posted. ... (1 replies)
... I have genital hsv-1. Initial outbreak in 1998 was relatively pain- free. Scale of 1-10, I would say 3 max. More itchy/irritating than painful. I went almost 12 years to the day with no obs. Currently enduring my second ob, & it is horrible. Had a fever this time, have felt horrible, & have many more sores. Blood test & culture confirmed still hsv-1. ( not sure why this ob is... (1 replies)
... years now. I had some blisters in genital area, headache, and burning during urination. I have only had unprotected sex with 1 other person and that was 5 years ago and we have children. ... (3 replies)
... heya...went to the doc and did a urine test today... it seems i have a UTI..he's put me on meds and says it should clear out by sunday...fingers crossed... (8 replies)
... What you need to do is see a doctor. Your right, it could be any of those, and we can't diagnose you. Get to a doctor ASAP - blood is no joke and not to be fooled with. (8 replies)
... Get re-tested regardless. Doctors are sometimes wrong, and it might clear up with meds or on it's own and you'd believe you didn't have. Just to be sure... get re-tested in 3 months. (8 replies)
... OK. No one here is going to give you a yes/no answer as to whether or not you have herpes. We aren't medical professionals. I will say this - if you contracted herpes from a one night stand 3 weeks ago, any blood test done now will be negative - unless you were previously infected. It takes about 3 months usually for the antibodies to build up in your blood enough to... (8 replies)
... confused, so u think this is herpes or is not herpes? A bit more puss the other night, and i kept milking it and saw a little blood come out too...but now it feels like its clearing up, (hopefully) w/.o taking the antiobiotics.... IS THIS HERPES OR NOT?!??! CANT TAKE THIS, NOT KNOWING... (8 replies)

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