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... like from a rash, yeast infection, shaving, scratching, etc. ... (1 replies)
Genital herpes
Mar 22, 2009
... one of my friend got this disease without having any physical contact or sex with partners. ... (1 replies)
... o and first got diagnosed two years ago. I had gotten herpes from my first serious boyfriend who had gone down on me when he had a fever blister. ... (3 replies)

... I was reading a post I think from last year, that popped up in my google search! ... (1 replies)
... I know I have read so many uplifting comments, though I cant help but feel gross and dirty. I feel like I cant have sex ever again. ... (35 replies)
... Well all the other test came back negative, but he said I did have something in my semen, he said it was an infection which he said comes from my prostate and mixes with my semen. ... (7 replies)
... but this happens very rarely...and my opinion is, there is much less asymptomatic shedding than supposed, and much more ignorance about the signs that indicate you are shedding. ... (13 replies)
... H but after a couple days I noticed the pain was more near my perenium and not in my actual 'hole'. after some self examining, i started to notice a small rash and a few bumps. well I awoke one day in severe pain and uncomfort. ... (1 replies)
... that your bf got it from you, but there are many other possibilities that can be considered. ... (1 replies)
... ve been having a strange burning sensation that would randomly come and go during intercourse with my bf. I thought it was very strange, however, I didn't think much of it. ... (2 replies)
... of the time normal and the dr. could never see anything visible wrong. As far as I know, I just never had an STD much less one that went untreated. I wasn't always 'careful' before I got married. ... (35 replies)
... Hi! I'm new here. I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 in early February. I had one very slight,small bump that i thought was just irritation from a yeast infection and some discharge. Turns out I had BV and i got a scraping for the bump to be sure. It was HSV1. ... (8 replies)
Treating Herpes
Jan 8, 2006
... r my first OB to be severe but not as bad as yours was...thank goodness!!!! It started off with a dull headache for several days and I thought...jeez, did I eat too much sugar or was is sinus? ... (17 replies)
... Symptoms persisted for another 3 weeks, I went back telling the doc I had pain in my laft testicle and my prostate area felt sore. He said i was worring myself too much. I pleaded with him to refer me to a urologist. I met with the urologist and she found I had a bacterial prostate infection. ... (3 replies)
Been Wondering
Aug 5, 2006
... I have been seperated from my husband, of four years, for a year this month and haven't been with anyone else. He has had H for at least fifteen years from his first wife, don't know what type, just that he would get the tingle on his face and down low. ... (1 replies)
... or something cause it did like herpes pictures that I had seen. It just looked like a puffy red rash on my face on my ears on my shoulder blades, basically every where the sun hit. ... (9 replies)
Overly cautious?
Jul 4, 2006
... She has only had sex twice in her life without condoms. I know that's all it takes in rare cases, and condoms don't always protect, but more on that later. ... (2 replies)
Chronic rash?
Aug 7, 2003
... will come out, then recede, then come back, then recede. It doesn't tend to hang around without change. However, if there's anything I've learned from hanging around this board it's that there are almost as many ways for herpes to manifest as there are people who have it. ... (7 replies)
... We've had lots of sex prior to that. Nothing was different. Not stress, diet, the way we had sex, nothing I can think of. So surely I'd had it for a while? ... (6 replies)
Do I have Herpes?
Sep 10, 2003
... I had unprotected sex with a girl and a week later she told me that she just treated for a yeast infection. ... (6 replies)

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