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... well guys it is me with another "nipps" delima well they started feeling a little irritated and I thought I should try the garlic oil thing I did and usually what I do is put the G. OIL on and then I may put a couple of cloves on the area also. ... (2 replies)
Garlic oil
Nov 20, 2003
... My OBs are not painful at all. All I feel is a slight rash and then suddenly small little bumps start to apprear turning into blisters. ... (105 replies)
... I believe those pics are extreme cases. Mine will basically itch then sting and it looks more like a red rash. In fact my doctor believed it was just a heat rash and brought on by sweat and told me to ignore it. ... (14 replies)

... When it comes to herpes you really have to take matters into your own hands as your typical family gp is totally clueless. Mine told me that my little rash was due to sweat and to disregard it and to carry on as per normal. A swab of the rash told me i was positive for type 2. ... (6 replies)
A few questions..
Oct 15, 2005
... 1) Different people have different symptoms. Some people get bumps that turn into open sores, which heal in a few days. Others get little paper-cut type slits. Others merely get an itchy rash. Some people don't get any noticeable symptoms. Most people get a kind of an ache, tingling, or skin sensitivity in their thighs (for genital herpes.) 2) I think you are asking... (12 replies)
... flu or only get an extreme mild dose. It also lessened my hay fever allergies. I stopped taking it, then soon after my ob's began i started the garlic capsules all over again and i also apply the garlic oil from the capsules onto the area where i'd normally get my ob's. ... (17 replies)
... ly, it seems that my recurrent OB's are going to be more itchy than painful. I get VERY small white bumps that are painful and itchy, as well as a red localized rash in the area. ... (18 replies)
... Is this true for the other supplements also, like the garlic or lysine. ... (13 replies)
Urine Theropy
May 6, 2004
... Too Cool ~ Anna, Glad to heasr you "nips" are better....that must be painful, sorry about your luck...but, without it you'd have no luck @ all...(LOL) But, on the face thing....Try putting calamine (thin layer) on @ night...just to dry and tightened everything up. Seems to help my face. Anyway, I'm sure it DOESN"T look that bad....believe me, there is worse out there,... (20 replies)
... But I've learned to deal with it, as I see all of you have. I take lysine and garlic pills also, and have made my batch of garlic oil I've read about here waiting for the next outbreak. ... (5 replies)
Unscientific poll
Sep 24, 2004
... OB at least every period. Didn't even know that they were herpes outbreaks, though they were just a wierd rash from my thong.....or a rash from my tampon string.... or a million things other than herpes! ... (5 replies)
... s like hell and reoccurs as a row of bumps at the same spot two days after my period EVERY stinkin month, it's all the proof I need. I will say, though, read the Garlic Oil thread... along with this board, it's been a huge help for me and so many others. ... (15 replies)
... ze of my hand. No blisters pimples, boils or pots so doc gave me AntiBiotics and sent me on my way.Then it happened again it seemed like every couple of months a rash would come up. ... (2 replies)
... es, scabs, etc., for about 2 weeks or so now. However, the one spot where I seem to break out last, still clearly shows the skin is a pink colour...looks like a rash only there are no bumps or anything, the skin is completely soft and it is not tender or anything. ... (1 replies)
... Medication.. well i know little about this. From what I have read the treatments available are not very affective. So I prefer just to use the garlic oil myself. It works for me and from what I have read on here its worked for others too.. Try reading through this thread.. ... (11 replies)
Quick OBs?
Jul 7, 2004
... I haven't heard anyone else here say theirs are one day obs. But herpes is different for everyone, some people only get some kind of rash and no blisters... You haven't tested positive for H yet am I right? ... (3 replies)
... thanks for the story about your friend. I had thought about a yeast infection at first, but I thought that the rash wouldn't come and go, I thought with a yeast infection it would stay constant. Maybe I will go back to the doc and ask about yeast. ... (17 replies)
... nking about how I am ever going to be in another relationship. It has now spread to my inner thighs, pubic area, and in my butt crack area. It looks like a red rash with a bunch of small bumps. Only a few have opened. I have been taking a BUNCH of crap hoping my immune system would fight this. ... (4 replies)
... Could this be something else that appears to be candidiasis, but is totally different. Like I said, I've never had a rash down there or any other bumps or sores. Otherwise, I feel fine. Should I see a dermatologist even though there are no rashes, bumps...Just burrning. ... (5 replies)
... Firstly let me say that when i went to my doctor which what i believed to be herpes he told me that it was a simple rash due to sweat and to ignore it. I then went to a sexual health clinic and had it swabbed and it came back positive for type 2. ... (1 replies)

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