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... These symptoms mean that the infected person's immune system is down and the virus is activating itself in her body. ... (9 replies)
... chicken pox, shingles, all these viruses are in the herpes family, and guess what, all these viruses are contagious, when u kiss or are coughed on by someone with a cold or a flu, dont u catch it. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the info. I have three follow up questions that I forgot to ask earlier. ... (9 replies)

Just a question!
Jan 10, 2005
... irritation with no visible signs on the skin. Other times, I get a little '' rash'' that looks like a shave rash. ... (11 replies)
... I would also suggest that you go to see your doctor the next time you have a rash in this area and ask him to check it for herpes. Then you will at least be able to stopping questioning whether it is or not. ... (3 replies)
... etc...I tested negative on everything but the herpes test. I don't know if it was IGG or IGM. I don't fully understand the difference, actually. I'll ask him tommrow when I visit him. ... (22 replies)
Is this herpes?!
Jul 26, 2005
... as gone down some, and the swelling has as well. But earlier it started to burn when I pee again. Just the bump burns, nothing else. It feels like a blister, but looks just like a pimple. And it only hurts when I'm moving around, or when I pee really. It itches too. But not that bad today. But it has before.. ... (1 replies)
... are more likely to get it genitally then those that have the virus. ... (35 replies)
Herpes or HIV
May 26, 2012
... weeks ago. 2 days after having sex with her i had like abdominal pain or you can say stomach pain. 4 days after i had sex with her i felt very fatigue and had rash on the foreskin of my penis. I went to ER and the doctors told me that it did not look like herpes . ... (9 replies)
... I am a recently divorced 56 year old woman after a 34 year marriage. Four months ago i had unprotected sex with a partner who had not had a herpes outbreak in 7 years. This week I have a rash on my face between my lips and nose that looks like photos of Herpes simplex II. ... (0 replies)
... I am sixteen and I come from a family that doesn't understand the new generation of kids. I am not saying that because the times changes we should be allowed to run around and be sexually active. ... (2 replies)
... it's also possible that your system will settle down and you'll have very mild and infrequent OBs, too. ... (13 replies)
... I guess I was thinking it would closer to the genitals, but i've got a small rash going on, further out on my cheeks. ... (1 replies)
Is this herpes?
Jul 15, 2010
... oing in to see the doctor, but I wanted to ask people who already have experience. I have a sensitive girlie area and from time to time get abrasions or get heat rash if I'm too hot and sit too long. ... (5 replies)
Is It Herpes?
May 28, 2010
... a blister and can last 7 to 30 days. it is not common to only have one sore, but can resemble a whithead pimple at first, then will come the blister to a scab. herpes are very painful and will itch nonstop. ... (1 replies)
... Well heres my story pls tell me if it sounds like herpes or a kind of virus or rash or something. ... (2 replies)
... You are so right that doctors are not so educated about herpes. I think I have educated four of them at the clinic I attend and they check it out and say,"Gosh, you are exactly right. ... (14 replies)
Emotional s.o.s.
Aug 16, 2001
... Poe, I wish you well and hope your test for HSV is negative. I will look for it here! However, your doctor is not too smart if he said "When you see Herpes you will know it." Herpes comes in all forms... ... (11 replies)
Is It Herpes?
May 28, 2010
... pink colour and looked similar to a crater. He said he didnt know what it was and that it didnt hurt. It went away after about a wk. Then about 3 wks ago a mark showed up on his inner thigh, it looks similar to a hickie.... ... (1 replies)
... First of all...If I were a bettin' person...I'd say that when you were given STD tests in 2001, that you most likely were not tested for herpes unless you have the tests in front of you and see that herpes was really tested! Of course your husband could have herpes and never knew it... ... (6 replies)

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