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Razor Bumps?
Sep 3, 2003
... I notice I have small little bumps where I shave at near my genitials. Im hoping its not herpes or warts. They havent gone away in about a month or so. Is it possible they r razor bumps? ... (3 replies)
... a few months ago after i shaved i formed a small cluster of red bumps on my neck under my jaw and i just figured they were razor bumps.. ... (2 replies)
... whitish bumps on my penis that i don't think are herpes, as they have been there for several months now. They don't hurt, even when i pick at them, and they come back in the same spots. ... (1 replies)

HSV2 and HIV
Oct 25, 2012
... I recently was diagnosed with HSV2... Never thought this could happen to me, but it did. My question is if I had an outbreak that went away and received oral sex from someone that might be HIV positive what are the chances that I also got HIV? I shave my genital area and i did have some small razor bumps around my testicles and shaft of my penis (not open sores). Any... (1 replies)
What is it?
Sep 12, 2003
... Thanks heymikey I'm pretty sure they are razor bumps, I've been checking them out and it looks like they are. It just seems like some are infected hair follicles and they do look more like pimples. ... (3 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... were not painful, itchy, BARELY irritable and even then only for a few days. Everything on the bottom of my penis was not fluid filled, and the small ones seemed to be too fragile to be Herpes. ... (0 replies)
... The past few years I have gotten these little red bumps on my legs, al the way down, kinda resemble pimples, and I often dont notice them, they dont specificaly hurt or itch its just like a little red bump. ... (3 replies)
... once 4 months later, and again 6 months later, i.e. now. Just recently I started to shave my pubic area more closely and about 5 days or so later I came up with bumps in that area that may or may not be ingrown hairs or razor burn. I was wondering if shaving can provoke any kind of outbreak down there. ... (1 replies)
Do I have herpes?
Sep 24, 2010
... It has been a year since I had sex with a girl and I have recently noticed red bumps appearing around my penis. They do not itch or hurt, and they are not on my penis, simply above the base and on the inside of my thighs. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I hope they are not herpes, I too am going thru the same thing. I have small red spots on the head of my penis, is that what you have, They do not hurt, the spots are not raised that I can tell, If you get any info, please let me know and good luck (1 replies)
... iced a bright red rash on my scrotum, and it itches like crazy. Maybe only slightly raised bumps, but no visible ulcers or blisters, and only on one side, not on penis either. ... (14 replies)
Jul 24, 2008
... i used someone razor to shave my pubic area and i am starting to get these little red bumps on my penis and wodering if it is herpes (0 replies)
... but they wont pop or anything. it cant be razor burn cause i never shave my thighs. I dont think they are herpes but then again im not sure what they are. ... (1 replies)
Question for JNR
Mar 26, 2001
... I have never been diagnosed, but I have had irritated skin on my penis for a VERY long time. I have asked the doctor twice what it was and herpes was never an answer I got. ... (0 replies)
... I have never been diagnosed, but I have had irritated skin on my penis for a VERY long time. I have asked the doctor twice what it was and herpes was never an answer I got. ... (14 replies)

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