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Genital Herpes
Dec 3, 2008
... it is important to know that sometimes the genital herpes is caused by the herpes hsv-1, in that case if your partner has de hsv-2 in the genitals you are going to re-infect...and you will have more outbreaks ofently ( since your inmune sistem has to bettle twice)as well as more problems....if you have the sintoms the most important thing to do is testing your self and your... (4 replies)
Genital Herpes
Oct 11, 2007
... If you both have herpes you don't have to worry about his OB causing you to have OB. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Anna! I too used contact lenses a while ago, I was forced to stop using them after I developed some sort of an infection, even after the infection, I couldn't wear the lenses anymore as the lenses used to play along with my eyelids because of the bumps beneath them. It's been over three years since the first time those bumps developed, they keep coming and going, there... (11 replies)

... but there he could pass it to your genitals. so you do have to understand even if the risk is low it is there, so be careful and cautious. You can still pass Herpes when no symptoms are present. I would say the irratation is most likely caused from the sex not herpes.. ... (1 replies)
... and yes anywhere you kiss, you can infect that area, and that area is subject to always have herpes. ... (12 replies)
... HSV 1 is usually oral and HSV 2 is usually genital. If you have HSV 1 in the genital area it is possible that you could have contracted it when receiving oral sex from someone with a cold sore (as cold sores are in fact herpes). Has you BF ever had a cold sore? Or has anyone you ever been with had a cold sore and went gave you oral sex? This could have been a possibility for... (1 replies)
... The same warning symtoms start like tingling redness ect just before an ob.if you have herpes in your mouth your not going to want to eat,and ulcers will appear in your mouth. ... (4 replies)
... No it is not possible. Only because it is the liquid in the blisters that need to be transmitted to an area. In other words if your herpes was "active" and you get the liquid from the blisters transmitted to an open cut or scratch the nearby area than you yourself will infect the area. ... (8 replies)
... things have been moving along slowly, which is fine because I have been dreading bringing up the topic of herpes with my new beau. ... (2 replies)
... the only other organ herpes can attack is the brain, its called herpes encephilitis but that type of herpes is *extremely* rare, and symptoms are similar to menigitis, also if you touch a sore and touch your eye it can spread to your eye, but those are the only other places herpes can infect, you cant have herpes of the heart or anything like that (3 replies)
... I don't believe thatyou can re infect each other. You own body can allow herpes to travel in the nerve endings and pop out wherever it wants. The main danger to remember is the eyes. ... (5 replies)
... Herpes is not transmitted through inanimate objects, such as soap, towels, clothing, bed sheets, toilet seats, and spa surfaces. In the case of sharing soap, the herpes virus would be washed away by the soap before it would have the chance to infect someone else. ... (2 replies)
... like symptoms are also common. These include swollen glands, headache, muscle ache or fever. Herpes may also infect the urethra, and urinating may cause a burning sensation. ... (4 replies)
... Ok, relax but the answer is yes, Herpes lives in the Spinal Cord and it infects your nerves, that is how it travels throughout the body, whichever nerve ending it goes too, you will experience those sypmtoms, that does not mean that you will have an actual lesion or sore there, FYI, usually herpes is a virus of nature and you normally will break out in the same area every... (4 replies)
Herpes on arm
Jan 20, 2010
... months, once the virus is in your system and your body makes the antibodies then it is very rare for this to occur, Herpes will normally reappear in the same area that the original OB occured for the most part. ... (4 replies)
... months ago, and no one feels any symptoms. Why would I try the task the you mentioned to infect myself? ... (9 replies)
Can you help?
May 19, 2009
... I guess you learned the hard way that cold sores are herpes and you shouldn't be giving anyone oral sex when you are having an active outbreak...because yes you did give your boy friend genital herpes. ... (5 replies)
Genital Herpes
Dec 1, 2008
... This advice seems inconsistent with information I've read on the web. Can't genital herpes be caused by HSV I in cases of being passed through oral sex? ... (4 replies)
Herpes on arm
Jan 20, 2010
... (4 replies)
... bodies...especially on the thigh where the skin is thick. In order for you to get infected on the thigh, there would have to be a cut there where the herpes virus could enter. Otherwise it cannot penetrate the thick skin. ... (20 replies)

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