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... Don't be scared, scared. Shingles are a different herpes virus to the genital herpes. Shingles is herpes zoster while genital is herpes simplex. ... (11 replies)
... ld I was tested for leukemia. It seems that I have a history of enlarged lymph nodes. Right now, the nodes in my groin ache. This has been associated with the herpes in the past. I also feel that I may be getting another outbreak soon. ... (11 replies)
... What a relief, Oldsailor. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner--I've been backpacking. If there is still a question of simplex vs. zoster, perhaps you could have the sore cultured the next time you have an ob. Take care! (11 replies)

... Well all the tests are in. The CT scan of the neck proved to be negative. My chiropractor checked it out and determined that it was the SCM muscle which had gone into spasm. I've had 4 neuromuscular massage sessions to try to loosen it up and it has helped. It's obvious that that was the source of the pain. What a weird coincidence with all the other stuff. The... (11 replies)
... ump on her lip all the time and in the fold of her arm. sometimes they both swell like blisters and then go down but always have a small hump in the skin. I wish herpes were a more cut and dry virus instead of being so ....mysterious and unpredictable and dificult to diagnos. ... (11 replies)
... Wanted to give you an update, backpacker. I saw a new Dr. (actually his PA) yesterday and was very glad I did. He was extremely thorough and dealt with all my issues. On top of everything my blood pressure was very high and he put me on meds for 3 weeks (ekg was also iffy, so they'll redo it when the meds have taken effect.) I'm scheduled for a CT scan on Mon. for my neck... (11 replies)
... I'm sorry that i don't really have any advice to offer, but this post caught my eye because i think i have shingles too. i haven't been diagnosed yet but am almost positive that i have genital herpes, and i felt like the disease has taken over my whole body. i developed itchy and painful red bumps in odd places of my body, including my knees, feet, back of my neck, arm,... (11 replies)
Nov 17, 2006
... Herpes simplex type II is the major cause of urogenital infections, whereas Herpes simplex type I is more often isolated from nongenital infections. ... (9 replies)
... ould test positive for HSV1. You are not guaranteed to have HSV1 if your mother does, although it would be very likely as contrary to what your doctor tells you, herpes is not only passed on during outbreaks. ... (7 replies)
... maybe it is shingles? (herpes zoster) I get recurrent outbreaks at the base of my spine all the time - your doc can do a simple swab and let you know! good luck! (20 replies)
... shingles are no fun, but i take some pretty strong meds that keep my pain under control. I take long actinve avinza morphine and oxycodone for breakthru pain, any of u guys thought aobut this stuff for pain control? (11 replies)
... Good luck, Oldsailor. I'll be looking for your posts. (11 replies)
... Someone actually just told me to get checked out for scabies. thank you very much for the advice, sorry i couldn't be of more help to your problem. (11 replies)
... Thanks so much for answering backpacker. Yes, I am - got back on land from the Caribbean three years ago. Your answer was very helpful. I think I will seek a second opinion. I have considered the possibility of mono and am thinking that I probably need a battery of tests for that as well as other things. I eat well, exercise, and take lots of supplements so I don't think... (11 replies)
... Wow, Oldsailor (are you really one?), that is a difficult and rare problem. I had shingles about 12 years ago, while in my mid-thirties, but it has not recurred. I think you would need a second dr's opinion, even if you completely trusted your dr, since this is so unusual--perhaps a specialist. Seems to me a dr could at least rule out a few possibilities, if you have... (11 replies)

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