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... I am male and have suffered from mouth cold sores since I was in elementary school. ... (1 replies)
... throat with it, but when I looked deep inside my mouth by my last tooth where it feels very sore, I see a red bump there. I can barely open my mouth to eat, and the bump is obviously sore and swollen, and starting to go over the side of my tooth. ... (0 replies)
... bump on the inside of my lip when I felt it with my tongue. I looked at it closely noticed what looked like white little specs in the center. ... (1 replies)

... SO of course I was concerned as the mouth ulcer that first appeared around mid September most definitely had that oh so popular "tingling" sensation I've often heard from oral H sufferers. ... (6 replies)
... This is my first time posting on this messageboard. I will try and keep this straight to the point. About 10 months ago I had an outbreak which was basically a red bump that turned in to an open sore very similar to a canker sore. No watery blister, very minimal or no itchy and no pain. ... (3 replies)
... Alright so a brief history: Had my first sexual encounter nearly a month ago now (Jan 29th). Had vaginal sex as well as received oral. A condom was used EVERY time (3 instances that day), but not during oral. I shaved around the base of the shaft prior to this (2 days prior or so). A day or two later (as i remember) a single red bump developed about a centimeter above... (1 replies)
... st a has popped and now it's just a reddish bump. She kept saying it would leave a worse scar than that what I have. I've had acne before that leaves red scars but I don't know I just feel like this is different..I've did a thorough search to see if this was acne and from what I read I don't think it is. ... (4 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... These two did NOT resemble a razor cut, just reddened hair follicles that I would BARELY consider "bumps", although unlike the first spot they could be called a bump when I ran my finger over them. ... (0 replies)
... While taking this concoction I had to give up dairy, citrus, and red meat. ... (6 replies)
... ng down there but there were no bumps or anything like that for about another week, just a lot of yeast infection like itching. I then noticed razor burn looking red bumps only on the creases where my underwear line hits on my legs. A few days later I noticed small patches of tiny little red dots on my thighs. ... (0 replies)
... I pop it like a pimple, some puss comes out, but then the next day there's another white head on it. They stay red pretty much the whole time. I'm more or less never without at least one of them going on somewhere on my face. ... (0 replies)
Herpes Concerns
May 13, 2009
... Hi First, You need to relax. Now lets clear up a couple facts about herpes.. First Herpes is passed through skin to skin contact with the infected area. meaning if she has or had an OB on her lips and you kissed her, then the risk is there that you could be exposed and catch the virus. herpes is not passed through sharing of body fluids. Herpes does not occur inside the... (2 replies)
... Can oral herpes be inside your mouth, as well as outside? ... (2 replies)
... She performed oral on me. I never put my mouth on her, including kissing, that I remember. ... (3 replies)
... major symptoms, and to top it all off I don't know if I was having a yeast infection at the same time also but it was sure having some burnin gitching feelings " inside " as well as out and those are some of the symptoms that I equate with having a ob. ... (9 replies)

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