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... I went to the doctor the next day and she said it definitely did not look like Herpes because it did not have any blisters. I hear that it IS possible to have herpes without having open sores or blisters. I was wondering if any has had anything like this? ... (4 replies)
Itchy red bumps
Dec 22, 2015
... Several months ago I went to the doctor for a couple itchy red bumps on my penis. Did a urine test for STDs. Came back negative for everything but herpes. That's all that was said, no additional tests, no medication or anything. ... (0 replies)
... Recently I noticed about 3 little red bumps in my pubic hair region that kind of look like bug bites. ... (2 replies)

... logged pores. Go see your doctor. Its nothing to be embarrassed about, many people end up with both. IF it was herpes, it would either look bruised or be swollen red bumps. Herpes are VERY PAINFUL and typically the more stressed you are the more the hurt. Just go see your doctor and have them take a peek. ... (1 replies)
... The best thing you could do to put your mind at ease is visit your doctor and have the bumps checked out. ... (10 replies)
... been thinking really really hard lately and I think that I've had H alottt sooner than I realized. I'm also starting to think that there is another form in which herpes manifests itself. ... (9 replies)
... i have genital herpes, my wife went down on me the day we met, she doesnt have oral herpes, herpes is active and non active . ... (2 replies)
... The past few years I have gotten these little red bumps on my legs, al the way down, kinda resemble pimples, and I often dont notice them, they dont specificaly hurt or itch its just like a little red bump. ... (3 replies)
... Over the past yr I have seen single lesion appear, on 6 separate occasions in my pubic hair. I expected genital herpes to appear and behave like the cold sores I've gotten on my lip, but these did not. ... (2 replies)
... ut here it goes....I was seeing this guy who has herpes. He did not bother to tell me about his condition. About 7 weeks after possible contact, I started to get red bumps on my mons pubis. ... (2 replies)
... and we were both clean, however I now realise this doesnt include herpes testing! ... (1 replies)
... t I'm not really an outdoors person. After about a month and a half, the blisters healed and went away on their own. I never saw a doctor because I had ruled out herpes as being a possibility since my bf never had it. ... (2 replies)
Possible herpes
May 15, 2013
... About one month ago in a drunken state, received oral sex from a prostitute. About 2 weeks later I noticed some itchy red bumps on my penis, about halfway up. ... (0 replies)
... This message is for anyone who is curious about herpes or wants to know if they have it and what the symptoms are. I will tell you from a man and womens' perspective considering my boyfriend and I both have it. ... (0 replies)
... Over two years ago I had unprotected sex. Almost exactly two weeks later I got 3 red bumps in a row in my pubic hair region. They were not painful, and if I remember correctly were rather large, not hard, and completely red. ... (0 replies)
... white bumps on the my left tonsils which already stick out from when i was younger. Is this in relation to having oral herpes. ... (2 replies)
... Three or four days ago, on the same day, I noticed that I had a temperature, a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and some interesting bumps in my genital region. ... (0 replies)
... I havent experianced any of the typical side effects of herpes, besides itching, and the two bumps at the lower end of the foreskin of my penis. the bumps were pinkish in color, as far as ive seen havent secreted any liquid, and there has been no pain whatsoever. ... (10 replies)
... I have quite a few red bumps now. ... (1 replies)
... ibuted it to. I checked myself with a mirror and noticed that my vaginal opening looked slightly irritated. Again, I didn't think much of it. I also had a couple red bumps that looked like irritation from shaving, which I sometimes get, and I had shaved that day prior to going over to the guy's house. ... (3 replies)

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