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... Recently I noticed about 3 little red bumps in my pubic hair region that kind of look like bug bites.They are not blisters,im pretty sure they have been there for a while and I just now started worrying about them. ... (2 replies)
... Over two years ago I had unprotected sex. Almost exactly two weeks later I got 3 red bumps in a row in my pubic hair region. They were not painful, and if I remember correctly were rather large, not hard, and completely red. ... (0 replies)
... weeks ago I had a one night stand, and we used protection. ... (7 replies)

... Over the past yr I have seen single lesion appear, on 6 separate occasions in my pubic hair. I expected genital herpes to appear and behave like the cold sores I've gotten on my lip, but these did not. ... (2 replies)
... sure if i have herpes but i have few signs that say i do,can you please help me ? ... (2 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... Hey there, thank you in advance for any help offered. ... (0 replies)
... OK, this is a bit of a doozey. Some of this info may not be related, but just in case, I want to give all possible information. ... (0 replies)
... a few months ago after i shaved i formed a small cluster of red bumps on my neck under my jaw and i just figured they were razor bumps.. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I recently had one lump on vagina that I thought was possible blackhead and I eventually got it popped. It had greenish pus then blood come out very similar to a staph infection. ... (2 replies)
... I'm in a similar situation . . . ... (5 replies)
... So I know I probably need to see a doctor but thought I would ask here first. I noticed some strange blister type sore on my pubic mound yesterday, kinda in the crease where your leg meets your mound. It was big and although I have had ingrown hair there before, this looked different. ... (1 replies)
Is it herpes??
Oct 7, 2012
... Ok so recently I had a itch at the start of my but crack where my tail bone is. I itched it a lot and now I have some red bumps on one side of my butt cheek right beside my tailbone. I am only 16 years old. ... (8 replies)
... flu like symptoms, swollen lymphs in the groin, achy muscles, skin sensations, vaginal discharge. No pain urinating, the biggest pain came from the muscle like aches in my genitals. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. Yes, the bumps on his penis were red. They never really went all over the shaft though. They stayed mostly on his whole pubic hair area. Yes, they itch..mostly after they are through that "ulceric" stage and when they are healing. ... (8 replies)
... I continue to get one or two large red bumps around my groin area. If they go away, you can bet within a couple or weeks that another one will appear. ... (4 replies)
... About a week ago I noticed my pubic hair was getting long so I decided to trim it a bit, it was at this point where I noticed small bumps which seemed to be below the skin. ... (4 replies)
... e they turned into one larger somewhat off skin tone bump, it did not hurt, or itch after that, or give me any trouble really at all beside the fact it was there and freaking me out, making me convinced i had some sort of STD. so i got tested and she got a pap smear, we both came back negative. ... (3 replies)
... My wife has GHSV1. I accidentally gave it to her performing oral sex back before we knew this was ever possible. This was over 10 years ago and confirmed via swab. ... (6 replies)
... My whole situation is weird, I think. I may have had HSV2 for a while, but it never showed any bumps until I trimmed my pubic hairs. So I trimmed at the base of my penis, all in my pubic area, around my naval, and on my upper thigs. ... (6 replies)
... Hello.. Ever since the beginning of August I have been thinking I might have herpes... The odds are in favour I don't have it. But still bugs me! ... (8 replies)

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