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... sults back and they were negative for everything. He told me not to worry about it and so I forgot about it. A week after the sores healed, I started to notice a burning sensation in my groin and on my buttocks. ... (2 replies)
... right now i am a week into what i guess is my first ob, my only symptoms so far are just burning groin and thighs, feel like jock itch.... ... (26 replies)
... The past few years I have gotten these little red bumps on my legs, al the way down, kinda resemble pimples, and I often dont notice them, they dont specificaly hurt or itch its just like a little red bump. ... (3 replies)

... es. I did have zit down there, but I believe it popped like a zit and it didnt leave a sore or scab over, it just got smaller and went away, and I still have the burning sensation. ... (2 replies)
... Anyway, about 7 days after this encounter I felt an irritation on the tip of my penis and it appeared a bit red and more sensitive to being touched. ... (5 replies)
... I engaged in a one night stand of unprotected sex with a woman 6 weeks ago. Within a few hours afterwards I had a burning sensation coming from my urethra. ... (1 replies)
... I had unprotected sex more than a month ago. About 13 days after the exposure I started feeling a burning sensation in my groin and on the tip. I didn't find any blisters or painful sores during that time. The experience was mostly slight discomfort. ... (0 replies)
Sep 15, 2003
... Hi, i had about 5 min of unprotected sex with a girl i met. This took place about 4 mths ago. I had no discomfort or itching in my groin up until mid august. I got what looked like jock rash on either side of my groin in the crevices...there were at most only 4 red bumps on either side.. ... (2 replies)
... This morning i woke up with a painful one however. Same area on one of my upper thighs near my groin. This one was really red and very tiny just like the others.. only it stung a little bit. The stinging lasted for about 2 hours and then stopped. ... (1 replies)
... s to an end. It probably occurred for about 10 seconds max. I left in a haze. Anyways, coming to the point, about 3 days after this encounter I started feeling a burning sensation in the area where my thigh and groin meet. Like the inner thigh fold running a little towards till my lower buttock region.This is only on one side i. ... (6 replies)
... I know I had jock itch because it was in my inner thigh as well as on my scrotum and started to make the hair follicles look like little red spots, which can happen with this type of infection. I also had it in my anal area because I could see the distinct line of infection. ... (4 replies)
... Ok, Iím new to this site and looking for advice/guidance from someone who has knowledge and expertise on Herpes Ė timelines, initial outbreak, symptoms. I would appreciate any info. from those who feel they truly have something to offer as Iíve not seen a Dr. yet and am terribly scared at the moment. History of the past 32 days: July 21st I received a call from my ex... (4 replies)
... t dry my hair properly after shower. On October 1, I had moderate fever. From October 3, there was pain in my groin area as well. As I was very worried, after 5 days I went for a rapid testing with early detection herpes and early detection HIV. ... (0 replies)
... s about it, no blisters and clear red spots, really looked for them, but found nothing remarkable. Some light discahrge maybe and a frequent need to urinate. ... (14 replies)
SX ?
Mar 16, 2003
... The cream my dermatologist gave me seems to be helping some, the burning and overall sensory irritations are down. ... (13 replies)
... This morning i woke up with a painful one however. Same area on one of my upper thighs. This one was really red and very tiny just like the others only it stung a little bit. the stinging lasted for about 2 hours and then stopped. ... (4 replies)
Should I retest
Aug 6, 2014
... o lesions. Burning in pelvis, pain radiating to lower extremities bilaterally, increased urination, some itchiness in area, including glans of penis, pressure in perineum. ... (1 replies)
... I go to herpes because of my symptoms my penis head is rather red but it has a burning sensation and feels irritated same for around the skin whilst the fore skin feel sore. ... (10 replies)
Herpes disease
Sep 18, 2009
... small red bumps may appear in the genital area following earlier symptoms, later developing into painful blisters, which crust over, form a scab, and heal. ... (1 replies)
Still no answer
Dec 2, 2003
... I have had the irritation around the head of my penis, red and very irritated also burned and tingled at some points. ... (5 replies)

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