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... Can you take valtex with OOO, or Red MArine Algae,,or any other alternative form of therapy? ... (0 replies)
... thanks so much! is there any affect upon the liver from all this? What is your progress from outbreaks when taking this? (15 replies)
... I wouldnt worry about the garlic containing arginine, its too small of an amount but they says garlic oil or oregano oil applied or lemon balm ( which in german studies and various hospitals across the globe, that once lemon balm is applied the herpes wount show up in that place again. so here's what i take super lysine+ caps which i found at the store contains 100mg... (15 replies)

... I just found out that I had H 3 weeks ago and getting over the 2nd ob now. I didn't know about the chocolate thing and that is how I ended up with the 2nd one so fast. ... (7 replies)
Fast Outbreaks
Aug 26, 2003
... back OBs for months even while taking OOO, OLE, garlic, lysine, choraphor, echinacea, melissa balm, red marine algae, and various combinations of those things... ... (9 replies)
... have all shown promise with being good if not better than valtrex. ... (9 replies)
Unscientific poll
Sep 29, 2004
... I would norammly only get about 1 or 2 sores, I'd dab them with Alcohol and they'd go away sooner. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with genital hsv1 about 3 months ago. My boyfriend apparently gave it to me via oral sex. Since then, I have yet to have 1 outbreak free day. ... (4 replies)
... and taking Red Marine Algae. Currently just the one outbreak, and is free of it now. He is getting ready to start Famvir, per MY doctors suggestion. ... (2 replies)
Herpes treatment
Jul 26, 2008
... You can be treated with Valtrex, which is probably the most popular, effective medication for Herpes. ... (5 replies)
... Where do you get the super L-Lysine do you get that at most health food stores or is there somewhere online that you get stuff? Thanks for all the info I really would like to try a natural approach to this before trying the daily valtrex. :angel: :wave: (11 replies)
... ok guys... here's my story in a nutshell I have never had an outbreak, at least none to my knowledge. never even a coldsore my entire life. so after being told on my (bday) which wasnt the best present to recieve i was told i had exposure to hsv2 which meant antibodies. now how could this have happened? i didnt even see my doctor with symptoms he was a gay doc and i... (6 replies)
Is it just me???
Sep 7, 2005
... I'm right there with you. ... (6 replies)
... has grown back and the H202 showed some signs of success early on but it was short lived...My latest angle of treatment has consisted of some "herpes herbs" and Red marine Algae. ... (1 replies)
... both suppressively and just when I feel an outbreak and the drug doesn't help at all. I've tried Lysine, Garlic Pills, Red Marine Algae, Epsom Salt Baths, OLE, all kinds of herbs...nothing. ... (7 replies)
... i just ordered a super lysine formual with lysine, echinaceo ,garlic, and goldenseal and some other things for immune support and a bottle of Red marine algae too, i plan on taking both everyday and see what happens right now i am a week into what i guess is my first ob, my only symptoms so far are just burning groin and thighs, feel like jock itch.... ive been on... (26 replies)
... for 7 pills with my insurance too, but I have found the herbal stuff work so much better and are less costly. ... (29 replies)
I need someone!
Jan 31, 2005
... this virus, as my life has completely turned upside down ever since contracting it. You'll find tons of sites advocating all kinds of different treatments, from red marine algae to olive leaf to lysine. And of course there's always Valtrex as well. ... (5 replies)
... since June 04 and have not had another ob , but I did go on Valtrex for 10 days and I immediately began to find out things about getting rid of the virus. ... (8 replies) what?
Dec 13, 2004
... Lysine, Garlic, Red Marine algae, vitamin C, there is a lot out there to help. I figured out what helped me through trial and error. Valtrex helps me a lot. I take 1g a day and I get about 1 or 2 Outbreaks a year. ... (3 replies)

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