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... come and go. I immediately thought that it was Herpes, and went and got tested. To my relief, the type specific test came back negative for both one and two. The red spots have come and gone every month or two, and are not raised, they are underneath the skin, and do not hurt, or burn or itch. ... (1 replies)
... Update, I went to my doctor today, and he told me that the red spots were just dry skin, and to use lotion on it! ... (1 replies)
... congestion, cough, sore throat. 2 days after that I had three small flesh colored bumps on the base of my penis in a half inch spread, almost a line. ... (7 replies)

... in my sides go away, and the pain while urinating lessen, but not completely go away. About a week after taking the ciprofloxacin, I began to get a few painless red sores on my penis shaft. I immediately freaked out, and thought it was a possible herpes outbreak. ... (6 replies)
Can sores spread?
Oct 16, 2006
... It went away and then came back one month later in the same spot. This time was bigger, but still just red without any definite form. It was tender but not incredibly painful. Now, it's about 4 days later and it's less red and the skin has dried and is flaking off. ... (1 replies)
... a few months ago after i shaved i formed a small cluster of red bumps on my neck under my jaw and i just figured they were razor bumps.. ... (2 replies)
... ttle dry. I began using baby oil in a hot bath to try to sooth my skin, just a little bit, but this didn't seem to help any. About a week later I noticed small red pimpes, about the size of a pin head and smaller start to form around the head of my penis, and 1 or 2 on the shaft. ... (1 replies)
... e story, my girlfriend an i had sex a hile ago, and she was really tight and after a little while i felf something happen to my penis, afterwards it was a little red around the head, so this i figured just maybe a burn or irriation ffrom her being tight. ... (5 replies)
Am I really ok?
Sep 5, 2006
... m not sure if I have herpes or not. Heres my story try and make it short as possible lol. About 11 weeks ago slept with this women unprotected, I didn't see any sores on her, but strangely she ask me if I wanted to have a bath in the morning. ... (1 replies)
... w are the leg and feet pains and a burning uncomfortable feeling in my vaginal area...I will only get like one sore and sometimes no sore. You may still get some sores because I had symptoms for over a week before the sores came up. I felt like my pelvic bone was sore and then the next day...BOOM... ... (26 replies)
What do you think?
Feb 23, 2004
... Several days ago i noticed a number of red sores around the upper inside of my thighs and in the area where my pubic hair grows. there are no sores on my penis or scrotum. There is NO pus, itching, burning, etc.. They have been there for about a week and are beginning to go away. ... (1 replies)
... not particularly painful. That night I had a slight fever and already my thoughts were turning to STD. The next day I awoke in horror as the area was covered in red blisters. ... (1 replies)
... th fluid but now i am a little nervous. I have not had anyother signs of the herpes virus, no burning or itching, anything. The only thing i have now is 2 tiny red marks on both sides of the head of my penis, they are so small they are barely noticable. ... (5 replies)
Is it Herpes
Sep 22, 2008
... I think i have had G.herpes for about 3 years now. though ive never been tested, i do get red sores on my penis head. ... (2 replies)
... were "dirty"....the old herpes stigma hard at work here! Even though I didn't know for sure he had herpes before my OB, I did feel very suspicious of those tiny red sores on his penis so when I had my OB I just knew and since I've only been with 2 men in over 20 years there wasn't much questioning from him!!!!!!!!!! ... (64 replies)
... ly have two small blisters that pop very easily. Normally they have already popped by the time I notice them. They don't really hurt but the area around the two sores does get red and slightly swollen. I do get a really bad headache usually the day before my outbreak at the base of my skull. ... (50 replies)
... We've been together for a year and I have noticed a small scab on his penis at different times throughout our relationship. ... (1 replies)
... stop physical symptoms. I do not have blisters or open sores but I have a constant burning sensation in my urethra and more frequent than normal urges to urinate. The skin on my penis head is so raw and chaffed feeling... ... (3 replies)
... ut because of these other symptoms, I would concentrate on getting tested for kidney, UTI, bladder infections etc first. Is she sure she has HSV 2. Usually, cold sores is HSV 1. Did she have a type specific blood test to tell her what type of herpes she has. Does she also have genital herpes? ... (12 replies)
... just days after getting the results back I started to get a patch of red skin on my penis head and my whole penis felt raw at the skin. ... (12 replies)

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