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... me with bronchitis. So, after the visit to the emergency room, around 2 a.m., I am walking around my apartment and I feel a pinch in my "private area" and see a red bubble and freaked out. Herpes was the first thing that came to mind so I paid a second visit to a women's clinic and was correct in my assumption. ... (5 replies)
... hilis at the time I was diagnosed. During my primary outbreak, I must have somehow touched the sores or the fluid and in the same week one large blister appeared on both my left wrist and left leg at the same time. ... (4 replies)
... BEFORE I accidentally infected my wife I had a brief rash in my pubic area however the doctor said it was nothing and it cleared shortly. ... (6 replies)

... I noticed sores and immediately went to the local STD clinic. They're in the process of testing, but based on what's there they think it is herpes. I'm scared, upset, and will probably vent among some questions here, so please bear with me. ... (6 replies)
... n the first 6 months after you first contract the virus, it takes up to four months for your body to make antibodies in the blood, so just make sure you keep the area covered and aviod skin to skin contact with other areas of your body, practice safe hand washing, especially when active. ... (1 replies)
... weeks later varied spots appear... no raised bumps, lesions or scabs. They seems similar to ingrown spots. They spots later started to dissipate at a very slow rate.. I still today have faint marks of the spots that appeared.. My skin doesn't heal well either. ... (8 replies)
... At the end of last year, I woke up one day with a small sore on my right nipple. ... (1 replies)
What is this
Oct 30, 2003
... but red and have a small white tip very unnoticeable if ur just lookin at your thighs while ur standing u gotta get close but they have white tips i got one or 2 on my back and they burn. ... (1 replies)
... discover small, red, hard pimple on labia. it has a tiny whitehead in the middle of it. ... (2 replies)
... s HSV2. HSV1 can be on the genitals as well. ... (6 replies)
... Beoptimistic" mentioned small rashes that last for half a day on different parts of his body. Has anyone else had this? ... (3 replies)
... Ok, so I've been having an itching sensation on my scrotum for about four weeks now. ... (4 replies)
... when you get one of these little spots again, get your doctor to do a swab culture on it, but do it in the first day or so once it starts, while the test results are most likely to be the most accurate. ... (4 replies)
... to the right and left of genital area, where the tendons of the legs are. ... (1 replies)
... worked for the internal vaginal warts. Currently in 3rd week of treatment with Aldara for a few on outer labia. Met a great guy shortly after finding out I had it, madly in love, both aware of the risks involved. ... (1 replies)
... Well, herpes sores do not always crust over before disappearing. The sores can appear in many different forms, including raised bumps which go down over time (as well as in many other different ways - which is one of the reasons so many people have herpes without knowing it - they believe their symptoms are something else). However, as you were taking this medicine for a... (1 replies)
... Desperately seeking advice. I was taking Ciprofloxacin to cure a urinary tract infection and I started to get red sores on my genital area that did not hurt, and were not puss filled, just red sores below the skin. I also got a very itchy feeling in my genitals. ... (1 replies)
... irl. Unprotected oral sex though. I had all the classic symptoms of fever, feeling bad, headaches, etc. Basically in the morning I had a very painfull burning on the right side of my penis near the head. I went to the bathroom and it was really red with some moisture.pus under the head. ... (4 replies)
Where to test??
Dec 8, 2005
... ds and now know so much more thankfully, but i have noticed that whenever i get syptoms they are always in the band between my hips. I have gotten the paper cuts on my right hip twice, but they usually disapper in a day or two and they do not hurt. They do not scab or anything They just look like infected cuts. ... (7 replies)
... yourself but it's rare. I'll sound like the "broken record" but this is what happened to my BF...I contracted herpes from him...he had just a couple very small spots on his penis that he never even put 2 and 2 together that was herpes. ... (2 replies)

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