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... I have had an on going problem where by I have what appear to be acne spots in my pubic area. They come and go, appearing in new places every so often and aren't really that noticeable unless I have a proper good look. ... (1 replies)
... BEFORE I accidentally infected my wife I had a brief rash in my pubic area however the doctor said it was nothing and it cleared shortly. ... (6 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... I had shaved my pubic area about an hour or 2 before the encounter and did not think anything of it. If I remember correctly, I did cut myself somewhere in the area in question, but cannot be sure of the exact spot. ... (0 replies)

... Ok so I have been dealing with what I always have thought was some kind of rash or skin condition in my genital area, I have never had itching, burning, pain, only symptoms I have are visual, my penis occasionally has a very slight itch or tingle from time to time but I figure everyone's does, If I didn't see anything I wouldn't think anything was wrong. I have been dealing... (3 replies)
Small Pimples ?
Apr 25, 2006
... just a lil redness there that seems to disappear a lil every day. But the others on my buttocks and stuff just arent going away. ... (1 replies)
What is it?
Sep 10, 2003
... ested. This is week 10 or 11 around there. I haven't really had anything other than the believed initial OB. But then I realized I have all these red bumps on my pubic area. They itch and are quite a bit of them. ... (3 replies)
... Also I would like to mention that at one point it wasn't so much red lesions or blemishes whatever you want to call them, my skin had redness looks very dry and the doctor actually rubbed on my penis head and my skin was flaking off as she rubbed it and said nothin of it, right now Like I mentioned before I have red bumps on my pubic area and I see areas of dry skin with white... (3 replies)
... s well as on my scrotum and started to make the hair follicles look like little red spots, which can happen with this type of infection. I also had it in my anal area because I could see the distinct line of infection. These seem to have cleared up. ... (4 replies)
Mar 11, 2003
... The latest has been the imergence of a couple of spots on either side of my groin in my pubic region that have been bothering me. From my understanding this is sounding less and less like herpes to me. ... (3 replies)
... I began develop what appeared to acne in my pubic pad just above my penis. ... (3 replies)
... However, you would swear that there is an OB, cut, burn, something in the area. It is obvious that it is my nerves just being impacted by this virus. The first area was my scrotum. It basically felt like it was on fire for a month. Then it went away. The next area was the top of my butt crack. Lasted 1 week. ... (9 replies)
... ub, and to make a long story short, I ended up doing some serious "grinding" with one of the girls. No there was no intercourse, but I will say that both of our pubic regions were rubbing. Now I feel like I may have something funky going on "down there". ... (6 replies)
... i am a female and i just signed on to the boards to post a question about itching and bumps and redness i have been having and it sounds like what you have too. ... (15 replies)
... I have described as SKIN PAIN, but hot spots is exactly that. A month ago it was the back of my thighs and lower buttock area, and now its the right side of the pubic hair area. ... (9 replies)
... The whole area is so inflammed, its redness reaches out to my legs. I have so much itching that quickly turns sore if I touch anything down there. ... (10 replies)
... :confused: I'm getting over an OB. Scabs are drying Well, next to the site of the OB, (left side of outer vagina-pubic bone area) it feels sore and almost burny, as if i had sunburn. doesn't itch, no redness Do you get this too? And if I'm getting over an OB, why is this happening? Also my left lymph node seems a bit swollen too.... (2 replies)

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