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Jun 17, 2009
... If someone has HSV2 on genitals and another performs oral sex on them, the person performing the oral sex can get HSV2 on their mouth which would appear the same way as HSV1 oral cold sores appear. ... (1 replies)
... I'm so happy you wrote in. There's several of us tryig to get some "real" information on oral HSV2. I believe it was Coastlovertoo who was inquiring about it originally. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all, I realize this is by no means the first question asked as I have done my HSV1 and 2 research on the net for some time now. However, I think my situation has a twist as you will read. ... (6 replies)

... barely have an appetite i'm trying to bare it as well the funny thing i have no ob just tingling in my legs and feet that led me to get tested. I been doing some research since i got knowledge no this virus. this virus has a lipid coating that protect it that help it invade new cells in the body to which it repilcate itself. ... (7 replies)
... minded with your GF! You have no idea how much that means to her, speaking from experience! I was given a diagnosis of HSV2 in 2005 and I was devastated! I was married and couldn't believe this could happen to me! ... (4 replies)
... OL, not a silly question, the garlic supplements don't make your breath smell. They are just as effective as raw garlic. I'm doing raw garlic. To keep the breath on the down low, i eat parsley with my food too. ... (5 replies)
... oral HSV2 would be possible, but it's very rare. Do you get oral herpes outbreaks? ... (5 replies)
Oral HSV2
Jan 7, 2007
... I feel you about those pics on the net of ourbreaks. When i got the virus i went straight to the internet to do some research and I did come across some BAD and i mean some BAD breakout pics. It totally freaked me out and I was scared as HELL! ... (4 replies)
1 or 11 or Both
Aug 19, 2005
... Yes. If you have hsv2 but nothsv1 and your partner has hsv1 and hsv2 then your partner can transmit hsv1 to you. Many people have both types of the virus, including a few members here. ... (10 replies)
... Do you research on Herpes, I suggest reading the 'Herpes HandBook' from Terri Warren. It's a long read, but very informative. ... (2 replies)
... will have very mild initial HSV2 outbreaks. They also won't produce the sores like the horror pictures on the Net. ... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone. I want to try to get difinitive answers on this topic, as it seems that the research available is limited. ... (14 replies)
I need help
Apr 12, 2006
... Blonder, You need to do some research on herpes. ... (19 replies)
... of that same time. So I get the call not HSV1 but HSV2 and immediately "why me." How could tests be ok for 5 years then whammo. Doctor said tests back then were not terribly accurate. ... (6 replies)
... This is my first time on here since joining the health board in May because I've been so afraid to post anything but I wanted to reply to your post. ... (8 replies)
Newly diagnosed
Jun 1, 2010
... rave though to even tell the families about it. If you search "the herpes handbook" you should print it out and let them read it or even let them watch the video on that site. ... (5 replies)
Test Results
Apr 21, 2008
... c my husband and I have been together for 20 years and neither of us has "cheated" on the other but we both did have partners before each other. Nobody that had "known" HSV but an ex girlfriend did have oral coldsores quite often. ... (2 replies)
... was or what to do. I've had ALL doctors tell me they had no idea, even after skin biopsies, and that since I didn't have "classic" lesions and that they weren't on my actual genitals it DEFINITELY wasn't herpes. I'm pre med and researched so I know that is BS. ... (4 replies)
Mar 25, 2009
... r to do an IgG type specific blood test this will tell you wether you have HSV1 or HSV2. Just because it is below the waist doesn't mean its always type 2, since oral herpes can be transmitted below the belt if oral is being performed. ... (4 replies)
... Where you need to be careful is when it comes to sex... oral sex and vaginal sex.... ... (4 replies)

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