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... start out saying first that my first time being tested was in june of 2008. I was only positive for type 1 on my mouth if im correct. I was not positive for type 2 herpes at all. I was completely negative. ... (1 replies)
Help please
Mar 4, 2005
... There also might have been very limited genital to genital contact. ... (1 replies)
... However, the good news is that the first ob is always the worse. After one year, you will only get obs once in a while and the severity and the longevity will be less and less by the year. ... (3 replies)

... Herpes can take 4 months to show up in the bloodstream, so a person can have an OB and still test negative if the test is preformed too soon. ... (2 replies)
... If you read around on this board, you'll find answers to questions that you never even knew you had. ... (11 replies)
... Hi karenscorner......i don't think there is an excuse for him breaking up via email. To me that is so utterly immature and shows an unwillingness to be responsible. ... (16 replies)
... Here are the Female to Male transmission rates If you have 100 couples where the female has HSV 2 but not the male (these figures are over a year) the odds of female to male transmission are if you do nothing other than avoid sex during an outbreak 4 men out of a 100 will get herpes in a year or 4% If you do go on a suppressive therapy or use a condom then it drops to 2 men... (2 replies)
Testing for herpes
Mar 20, 2005
... t how I could be tested. I found that my reading of a medical encyclopedia and a couple of webpages meant that I knew more than most of the people I was speaking to on the supposed "helplines". What's also concerning is that I know more about herpes than a couple of my friends who are doctors! ... (14 replies)
Please help!
Oct 25, 2002
... First, let me say she's lucky to have a friend like you who cares so much. ... (4 replies)
I'm finally back!
Jun 15, 2002
... Welcome to the board, although I'm sorry to hear you've recently found the need to be here, if you know what I mean. I really want to say thanks for the kind feedback about my posts. ... (5 replies)
... m a 32 year male and I have been living with genital herpes for 2 years now. About few years ago I started getting a horrible pain on my legs and thighs, and this was followed by a horrible episode of sores all over my penis. ... (4 replies)
... d like to add my comments. I am not sure how many other posters on here actually have genital herpes, or just offer their input from what they have read or heard. ... (0 replies)
... d like to add my comments. I am not sure how many other posters on here actually have genital herpes, or just offer their input from what they have read or heard. ... (18 replies)
Testing for herpes
Mar 21, 2005
... You CANNOT diagnose herpes just by looking. You really can't. ... (14 replies)
... man. He cheated on her and they were divorced 2 years later. After another 10 years she married another man who's negative but it affects their sex life, she says. ... (32 replies)
... If it is filled with blisters it could be herpes but the best thing would be to go to a doctor and ask for a swab test or blood test if you don't have the blisters anymore. ... (3 replies)
... Keepsgoing that is so right as most people hear the word "herpes" and that is about as far as things get. There is so much to learn about this virus and it is ever so unpredictable. ... (17 replies)
... Tricky quesstion . . you didnt say if she had oral herpers or genital herpes. As for the smoke . . if it is oral herpes and she is having an OB, its a good chance. If she has it genitally and you wear the same pants . . ... (6 replies)
... herpes can present in a number of different ways and no two people always show up with the same set of symptoms.. here are some of the basic ones but not limited too... ... (1 replies)
Jul 8, 2008
... spreads by intimate physical contact when the sores are about to break out or have already broken out. ... (1 replies)

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