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... If I have herpes type 1, what are my chances of getting genital herpes type 2? ... (1 replies)
... I have had oral herpes for 5 years. ... (0 replies)
... What are the chances of getting herpes from receiving oral sex from a girl ? ... (0 replies)

... I got the results from a blood test I took Tuesday. All negative. So in order for me to get herpes it would have been very recent as I do not have antibodies built up in my blood stream at this point. ... (10 replies)
... but out of all of the STDs out there such as HIV and AIDS you are worried about herpes the most? ... (1 replies)
Mar 30, 2009
... Do you know he has it? Which type?? Male to Female Transmission Rate If you have 100 couples where the male has HSV 2 but not the female (these figures are over a year) the odds of male to female transmission are if you do nothing (other than avoid sex when there is an outbreak) 8-10 females out of a 100 will get herpes in a year or 8-10% If you do go on a suppressive... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone. My question is, is it possible to get herpes on your nipples from masturbation? ... (1 replies)
May 21, 2009
... If someone i had oral sex with has herpes what are my chances of getting herpes? ... (1 replies)
Mar 29, 2009
... I had sex with a guy 9 days ago...we used a condom. What are my chances of getting herpes? ... (1 replies)
... of the same dna makeup. But there are people on this board that have both type 1 and type 2 so it is possible to get both. I don't recall the exact percentage on that risk though. Sorry. ... (1 replies)
... blisters, none of the other "typical" initial outbreak symptoms like fever or swollen lymph nodes. ... (3 replies)
... What are the chances of being infected orally with both HSV1 and HSV2? ... (5 replies)
... A herpes type specific blood test is NOT a normal STD test that is run. You have to specifically ASK for it. ... (3 replies)
... I could still be sexual with her and have a great chance of not getting it? ... (3 replies)
... This is my first time posting here but I've read quite a few threads. I'm more or less writing this for my own good but would appreciate any feedback. I know no one here can diagnose me but if you have any suggestions or thoughts please share. ... (0 replies)
... yes I've been checked a couple months ago I'm clean, we havnt even kissed yet I'm not sure what type she has. What would happen on either or what's the difference? ... (3 replies)
... Hi, If you have hsv 1 orally the likely hood of you getting hsv1 genitally more then likely will not happen, if you were to have outbreaks below you more then likely would have hsv2. ... (10 replies)
... You may have it already and not even know it. That's how most of us here got it. From someone who did not know they had it. ... (3 replies)
... you should always use protection, even if you are on the birth control pill. ... (5 replies)
... Even if someone has an outbreak in the same place all the time there is always a chance of it coming up another location within the genital area. ... (7 replies)

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