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... Ok, I understand. I'm glad that was clarified because I wouldn't want anyone to read what I wrote and be misinformed. ... (9 replies)
New boyfriend
Apr 22, 2010
... HSV 1 and 2 are not spread through exchange of fluids, they are spread through skin to skin contact. If a person has type 1, it can be transmitted to the genital region on contact which is how people end up with type 1 genital herpes. ... (17 replies)
Herpes type 1
Jul 10, 2010
... (2 replies)

... and it seems that if I do have herpes it would have had to be from him or from a time when a condom broke. ... (1 replies)
... Many people have herpes, you can't tell by looking at them or how well you know them or how long you've known them and in fact many have herpes and they themselves do not know it. Assume perhaps that what you have is herpes and you never get another sign of it and brush it off as nothing... ... (2 replies)
Herpes type 1
Jul 8, 2010
... and she said herpes. throught the interest ive learned that Appartently if you have a cold sore you have herpes type 1, ive never had any genital sore, neither has my boyfriend. ... (2 replies)
Genital Herpes
Oct 14, 2007
... ___________________________________________________ Thanks for the reply Alex26 Well let's say I don't have the actual Genital Herpes disease, but stuck with the #1 & #3 symptoms mentioned above. Knowing that you experienced something similar.. Is it possible for these symptoms to be spreaded to somebody else through sexual contact, skin to skin, and etc. (11 replies)
... You can still have a normal great sex life with her. Would you happen to know which type she has? ... (6 replies)
Genital Herpes
Oct 14, 2007
... YOU DO NOT HAVE HERPES MATE!!! ... (11 replies)
... replied because we just don't know. The virus doesn't cause characteristic symptoms to the point where you would instantly know whether you have it or can be very mild and hardly noticeable, to very painful and hard to miss. It only causes a little tingling and itching in some, but others get painful lesions. ... (4 replies)
Is this Herpes?
Sep 25, 2007
... I'm sorry to be such a bother but I'm just REALLY confused. Confused as to why my "lesions" are nothing like typical herpes, and by typical I mean from what I've read on here about herpes and what I've read in general. I've read that they itch or hurt and come in clusters. ... (25 replies)
... I know stress can cause someone to break out and trust me I have a lot of that. ... (0 replies)
What the heck??
Jan 27, 2005
... Then, it turned into two tiny, tiny sores. I only saw them because I got a mirror and had a proper look. They were very painful but very small. ... (6 replies)
... he shaft of my penis. Upon investigation I noticed one small red raised bump. It didn't really hurt. It felt more like an irritated bug bite. It didn't burst, or turn into an open sore or anything like that. It was just more annoying, than anything else. It stayed, unchanged, for about a week. ... (5 replies)
Herpes questions?
Sep 28, 2007
... ork after 16 months of the original "pimple". You said you had blood work done four months later, and then again a year later. After this much time, if you had herpes I'm pretty certain it would show up in your blood. ... (1 replies)
New boyfriend
Apr 22, 2010
... is genital and that you can contract both from exchange of fluids, whether orally or down there. ... (17 replies)
Abroad with herpes
Oct 29, 2005
... can somebody in the US tell me what the standard of action for removing warts in the US? ... (2 replies)
Treating Herpes
Jan 8, 2006
... time by feet would have sharp pains and then they started aching and tingling as well as my legs too. As soon as the sores popped up, I just realized that I had herpes because when my BF and I first were together, he had a sore on his penis and it made me uneasy but he said it was just from masturbation and nothing more. ... (17 replies)
... phobe to begin with, I think i'm starting to turn into Monk or something. This of course i know has to stop. and lots of people have cold sores anyway so you are right absolutely. ... (2 replies)
... (1 replies)

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