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... It sounds like it might be herpes. I know of a girl who has it on her face... ... (4 replies)
... My boyfriend's nose has been sore for well over a month now. At first we both thought it was herpes, since we have been having problems with that. But this long in his nose? ... (4 replies)
... It's difficult, but not impossible, to get herpes from an object. Herpes is theoretically possible to contract from a toilet seat, but there are no recorded cases of this. ... (3 replies)

... Get a blood test, the IgG test not a swab, the swab can sometimes be helpful for new OBs because the blood test needs at least a couple months or more after exposure to read if herpes is present. So some doctors will do a swab but they aren't very accurate at all... ... (11 replies)
... SO, I am currently going through a herpes scare, and I don't now what to do. ... (1 replies)
What the heck?
Jan 1, 2008
... Probably one of the things that it causing you to become so depressed is that you haven't been diagnosed, and the not knowing is causing way more stress. Do what you need to do to get diagnosed. You should get a blood test now. You may very well be negative, but you might show positive already as well. ... (9 replies)
... I initially had a severe outbreak and was told it was most likely herpes and that I should not really bother to get tested because the doctor was pretty positive. ... (2 replies)
So many Doubtful
Feb 10, 2002
... My point is that Doctors are PART of the problem. ... (11 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... What has me so confused is that I read that Herpes is supposed to be VERY uncomfortable, making someone miserable, which I do not exhibit. In a very small amount of pictures I found to compare to on the internet, it looks similar, but in a vast majority of them it doesn't look anywhere as severe. ... (0 replies)
Is this herpes?
Mar 29, 2009
... It is quiet possible that it is genital herpes. ... (2 replies)
... preocupado...believe me, I am NOT trying to criticize anyone's reactions to their own circumstances, so I hope that I didn't come across that way. I guess I was just trying to say pretty much what you did, but like I said...just can't quite articulate it. It is very subjective. ... (4 replies)
... I had a lump on my vagina and it was there for around 3 months, never hurt or anything, the only reason I noticed it was when I was taking a shower and washing. Then one day I went to the bathroom and noticed that it hurt in that spot. There was some kind of a sore there but not sure what it was. ... (1 replies)
... and then prescribed me Famvir to treat the symptoms as though it is herpes as he said we were still within the 72 hr window to treat the symptoms. ... (26 replies)
Is this herpes??
Apr 11, 2003
... months ago and that's about the extent of my sexual activity for the past couple of years. I was thinking maybe it is a small cyst because i've read about people getting those on their scrotum but i can't be sure. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry to bump this up guys... Ive got an update of sorts. Today, Im checking in to make time with my doc. ... (4 replies)
... Hi. About a week ago I discovered a bump on the inner lip of my vagina. It was about the size of a pencil eraser and seemed to be under the skin. It was not colored and did not hurt. For five days it didn't change. ... (5 replies)
One other question
May 25, 2006
... necessarily have more than one. Some people get clusters, others do not. Some people have said they have squeezed their sores but personally mine was so painful that there was no way in a million years I could have done that. Does a small white bump always mean it is herpes? ... (1 replies)
... I would just get itching down there, maybe some red bump's,some time's I would get a sore on my roof of my mouth,swollen gland's, achy muscle's,mostly when sick, did not know what it was. ... (2 replies)
... days ago I noticed a single white bump on my penis. That was last Saturday afternoon. I didnt notice it that morning but I may have missed it. ... (2 replies)
... you shouldn't have oral sex when you have an active cold sore. You're right that having HSV 1 gives you antibodies and in most cases, these will protect you from HSV1 reinfection in another area i.e. the genitals. ... (1 replies)

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