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... I know I have read so many uplifting comments, though I cant help but feel gross and dirty. I feel like I cant have sex ever again. ... (35 replies)
... well as numerous other doctors and I have shown the area to the doctors while I had the red spots and each one of them says the same thing "hmmm, doesn't really look like herpes." I know I have herpes because I had a herpes test done over 20 years ago plus my second outbreak was a classic one . . . ... (6 replies)
... If I were you, I would use recautions as if it IS herpes because it certainly sounds DO NOT want to give this to someone just because you are thinking, "OH it can't be herpes...that can't happen to me! ... (3 replies)

... (1 replies)
... Once in a while I get these random cuts which look like scabs appear on my body. They are painless and come from no where. Eventually they do get itchy but are not crazily itchy. Eventually the scab opens up and I see a pink open wound. ... (1 replies)
... I believe I did have jock itch, but I'm curious as to whether or not I have herpes as well. ... (4 replies)
... Itchyness, burning, and unusual discharge happen. I looked up the signs and it seemed to match a yeast infection. However, I got little cuts around my vagina opening too. From what I have looked up this can be a yeast infection or herpes. The cuts went away within 24 hours. ... (0 replies)
... and have seen my skin look pretty bad, so I am just wondering, as it does not look like the pictures of herpes I am seeing online. I know not all signs are typical but still. I am wondering if it could possibly be ANYTHING else other than herpes. ... (0 replies)
... s what I think. ... (14 replies)
... nging at the tip of my penis for a few minutes but it went away. then that night I got a real bad burning feeling in the pubic area above my penis shaft. It felt like it was burning from within. The next day I had a lowgrade fever, felt out of sorts, burning in the genital region all over and the urge to urinate alot. ... (28 replies)
... took me 6 months before my blood test finally came back positive! Even at 4 months my blood test was still negative. So you may have to wait that long. It sounds like you know some things already about herpes. ... (3 replies)
... Herpes will on average either range from being very red and itchy to lesions which look like cuts in the skin or actually sores which sting or itch or are raised and look like they might be fluid filled. ... (2 replies)
... gave me herpes not even a month after we began having sex. Oh no, it's worse than that... First I got type 2 in my mouth. ... (12 replies)
... sorry i wrote so much, I just realized I'm kinda using this to vent. at least someone knows what i'm going through.... ... (4 replies)
... spot things some are out of the skin like blisters and sum are just like a spot!! but i cant squeeze them as it hurts so much to even touch, when anything does touch them they feel like little cuts!! there red and look really angery. ... (3 replies)
... up, and look down there. I stand with one leg up on the side of the tub, the mirror held between my legs in good light. You know what herpes looks like. ... (10 replies)
Oct 17, 2013
... eks ago. I couldn't get hard and I tried to put my penis in her vagina but was not hard enough to enter at all just pretty much touched the outside of her vagina like twice. Immediately the next day I felt irritation around the tip and when I peed and there was a little bit of clear discharge. ... (4 replies)
Where to test??
Dec 8, 2005
... boards and now know so much more thankfully, but i have noticed that whenever i get syptoms they are always in the band between my hips. I have gotten the paper cuts on my right hip twice, but they usually disapper in a day or two and they do not hurt. They do not scab or anything They just look like infected cuts. ... (7 replies)
... But when I shave down there, sometimes I get small cuts that sting. As a common reaction to any cut for me I usually spit on it and rub it, and I dont remember if I've had a canker sore then. ... (3 replies)
... They can sometimes look like an ingrown hair...which may be "just" an ingrown hair too, not herpes. ... (6 replies)

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