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... everyone says just before a cold sore forms a tingling sensation starts. what do they mean by that. is it just a slight tingling or a painful tingling. ... (0 replies)
... No. It is contagious. You shouldn't kiss her if you have strep throat or the flu either. When I have a cold sore. I go to work. Most people know what it is and have had them theirselves. Why need I feel shame? ... (7 replies)
... Hi, If my memory is decent, I've gotten the odd lip ulcer once in a while throughout my childhood. Last night I felt a hard painful lump in my lower lip and today is seems to be the beginning of a cold sore. ... (7 replies)

... Herpes sure is a most confusing virus. My partner and i both have genital herpes type 2. I will get oral cold sores once in a while which i've gotten from when i was a child, my mother gets them too. ... (6 replies)
... So does this mean we have to use condoms forever? ... (6 replies)
... The most frequent outbreaks of the virus would probably be found in someone with genital HSV2, then oral HSV1. This is because HSV2 is a "classically" genital disease and much prefers the genital area. It doesn't seem to do so well in the mouth area. ... (1 replies)
... I am not an expert but If he is positive Igg for HSV1 it could be oral, genital or both. If he had an outbreak they should have should have done a swab and PCR test to confirm the type. ... (1 replies)
... mths and in the EXACT same spot. These things didn't begin happening to my son until about a month and half after I was diagnosed with genital H and had already begun getting sores in my mouth as well. ... (6 replies)
... It is probably worth her being tested, because if she has it already, then her chances of contracting it from you again in a different place to where she already has it are significantly reduced, because she will have antibodies to the virus. It's not foolproof. ... (5 replies)
... Just curious, if she only gets cold sores twice a year what are you concerned about? ... (2 replies)
... movingrightalong, thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. As far as I can remember, I can usually tell when I am going to get a cold sore because I get this tingling sensation on my lip. However, the one I just got, came on suddenly with no apparent warning. ... (7 replies)
... transmission does happen, but not that frequently. If she was in the tingling stages of a cold sore, it would be a different story. ... (2 replies)
Please help me!
Nov 26, 2004
... hello, I just found out a couple days ago that I have herpes. He is sending me for a blood test to find out what kind. I thought I had a yeast infection so I went to the doctor. I'm very confused right now. ... (4 replies)
... I'm a virgin and just found out today that I have HSV. ... (1 replies)
... ay the least I could not wait to see my doctor. I was told by the nurse that it was herpes and sent home. All she said was, I feel sorry for you. I got it from a BF at the time who was cheating on me. There was no literature, no internet and nobody to talk to. There is so much more information now. ... (1 replies)
... can. You're correct everyone out here may not know everything, but at the same time nor do many doctors and those of us that have it can speak on it better then a doctor can sometimes. ... (28 replies)
... Well it's just a bit confusing for someone to say "my husband used to get cold sores all the time" and then be confused that their test result is now negative. OBVIOUSLY the test result is wrong that is not all that unheard of. ... (28 replies)
... When I was first diagnosed I was livid with my BF at the time. It was not until my doctor told me two things that I was able to take a breath. ... (7 replies)
Hugely embarrassed
Nov 14, 2004
... so on Fri. night before I went out my lip was itching a tiny bit and I put some Abreva on it, and it stopped itching so I thought, good to go. ... (1 replies)
... type 2 only. My first out break was very painful at first I had one large bump, and my lower back and legs killed. I went to Planned parent hood, because I had a very bad flu, at the time and my doctor put me on prednisolone. ... (6 replies)

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