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... Thank You for your reply also! Very informative! Like I said to Truthseek, I'm guessing I contracted it while pregnant and it stayed inactive until 3 months after my daughter was born. So that means I didnt have my first outbreak until 6 months after I was exposed. ... (35 replies)
... I still didnt go to a doctor because i dont know where to start. ... (2 replies)
... etc...I tested negative on everything but the herpes test. I don't know if it was IGG or IGM. I don't fully understand the difference, actually. I'll ask him tommrow when I visit him. ... (22 replies)

... blisters are not present. If a person is having an OB, even removing a scab as you mention can still result in a false negative. ... (6 replies)
... then you are negative. The test does not indicate that you have antibodies. Everyobody will get a number range with their results. The reason for that is that the lab takes a control group and samples it against your blood. This gives them a number range. As long as it is negative the numbers don't mean anything. ... (13 replies)
... sure you keep the area covered and aviod skin to skin contact with other areas of your body, practice safe hand washing, especially when active. Usually you will have the OB in the place normally on the body where the first intial one occured each and everytime. ... (1 replies)
... Ok, first do you know what test you both had? ... (2 replies)
... ve been posting to this thread. I could not agree more with 'perfectlybroken', some of the people on this forum sound so together, calm and at peace with what life has thrown their way. I too hope to share those feelings soon. ... (26 replies)
... This is similar to my situation. I have always been tested. I have a 4 year old and was tested then. I was tested every six months since then. My boyfriend and I were tested before we slept together. ... (28 replies)
... So you need to get a copy of the test results to see what the value really was. ... (4 replies)
... Catharine I know cold sores are oral herpes and I think you know I know this too. What I meant to say is that Cruise will think he has GENITAL herpes when he may just have developed antibodies from a cold sore. ... (24 replies)
Nov 23, 2008
... just by a blood test since you had no symptoms? ... (2 replies)
... i will. I'm going in tomorrow to get retested. Have had a hell of a time getting my Dr. office to tell me what test they gave me and what my numbers are? ... (28 replies)
... If they too come back negative I will ask the Doctor to perform the Western Blot to confirm. ... (13 replies)
... close to the very first bump that appeared last Tuesday night. Yesterday around noon I examined the area again and the red blemish was now slightly raised though was not tender to touch. ... (26 replies)
... Ok, I've read from past posts by military people that the military does not test for herpes because it is so wide spread and is basically benign as far as your overall health is concerned. ... (6 replies)
... really are meaningless. Their reasoning is, is that just because someone has been exposed to HSV1 or HSV2, doesn't mean they actually have herpes. They have all said that in all likelyhood, most people have been exposed to HSV1 yet it doesn't mean they have it, the tests just means they have been exposed to it. ... (26 replies)
... There's always research going on right now. The latest I've heard was something I read on webmd with a drug called Buffergel. It's supposedly kills the virus and currently it would only be effective on women. ... (1 replies)
... Well it's just a bit confusing for someone to say "my husband used to get cold sores all the time" and then be confused that their test result is now negative. OBVIOUSLY the test result is wrong that is not all that unheard of. ... (28 replies)
... I'm not here to entertain anyone, but to help out and give advice if I can. ... (28 replies)

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