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... I have found a couple of what you could call sores on my penis. The sores dont hurt to the touch and they dont have puss coming out of them. I have one of them on the right and one on the left side. ... (2 replies)
... aching and some redness which not many people see, I had all the other symptoms, flu symptoms, lower back aches, knee aches, head aches, nausea, blurred vision. ... (1 replies)
... that would come and go. I immediately thought that it was Herpes, and went and got tested. To my relief, the type specific test came back negative for both one and two. ... (1 replies)

... I won't get results until later this week. If my blood test and the swab come back negative, is it still possible for me to have contracted herpes? ... (1 replies)
... hey, I believe i have what is my first OB of herpes.. actually it could be my second.. i noticed something a couple months ago that had the same idea but was so small didn't notice... anyway... so i guess it is my second... ... (2 replies)
... I dont think it could be a yeast infection cuz I dont have any simtoms of that, atleast common ones. I am not and haven't yet been sexually active, including no oral sex. ... (3 replies)
Could it be?
Jan 10, 2005
... one night stand with a girl who worked with a friend of mine. all that occured was kissing, fingering and then she gave me oral for no time at all....literally it was less than a minute. well at the time i paid no attention to it, but she had what now i assume to have been a cold sore aka HSV 1. ... (10 replies)
... get a blood test that will distinguish what type herpes you could have ...if you actually have it. ... (6 replies)
... I wouldn't trust that test result with you having all the symptoms of it. The tests available are not real trustworthy. I mean, what else could it be if it's not herpes? ... (28 replies)
What is this
Aug 23, 2003
... I was wondering if this sounded like genital herpes...on my pubic area I have one larger sore, it is blister like and then one other smaller one that is just red. I have had them before and then it comes back. ... (1 replies)
Jan 27, 2009
... when u have a out break is inside or outside on the male penis and when speezed does thick white puss some out if not what else could it be (0 replies)
... Okay, so when I was around 20 years old I had what appeared to me a herpes infection. I had a lesion which was very painful. It healed after several weeks. Then, a year later I got the same thing. ... (0 replies)
... I too would have thought that 11 weeks would have been long enough time to have antibodies. That's a real conundrum given you are sure you have it and don't want to pass it on, yet the tests say you don't have it. ... (4 replies)
... It's difficult, but not impossible, to get herpes from an object. Herpes is theoretically possible to contract from a toilet seat, but there are no recorded cases of this. ... (3 replies)
... ea. I noticed redness, as though I was just really chafed and irritated, but no bumps. I finally got to a doctor this past week and she said she saw blisters and it looked like a mild herpes outbreak. She took a culture and the results are supposed to be in sometime next week. She gave me a scrip for Valtrax. ... (12 replies)
... It could be something else. ... (3 replies)
Kind of Odd ?
Apr 5, 2013
... In 2005 I had symptoms of Herpes. Swollen lymph nodes in my groin area, I believe at least two lesions, couldn't pee it hurt so bad!! ... (2 replies)
... Your correct the virus can stay dormant in your body for months or even years without you ever having an outbreak. If I were you I would goto the doctor and ask for an IgG herpes type specific blood test also you should ask for a swab culture but the results may not be accurate if it has been more then 24-48 hrs since the lesions appeared. Also, just because you have sex... (10 replies)
Please Respond!
Jun 2, 2005
... I felt fine for a while but had some dry skin on my penis. I thought this was normal because I had experienced it before and thought it was just due to chaffing from my underwear. ... (1 replies)
... I have had a recurrent rash near my genital area for about a year now. When it first appeared I was a virgin and was not sexually captive at all. I thought the rash was from when the wings of a pad came unstuck and stuck instead to my skin just beside the labia. ... (1 replies)

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