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Partner has Herpes
May 31, 2011
... i have had two children already and have always had perfect pregnancies and deliveries as i am very healthy and read a lot about medical stuff. however, the more i read about having a child with my partner who has herpes, the most scared i get. ... (5 replies)
... chance, yet you are worried that if you end up with herpes and you are working overseas or maybe not together anymore then you may end up regretting catching the herpes as there is no cure for herpes, you just have to learn the best way of managing it. ... (6 replies)
... The first question that comes to my mind when you say that he has never had an OB is how was he diagnosed and why was he tested? ... (4 replies)

... Hi, thanx for emailing me, he got teseted because he and his last GF were in counseling and after they broke up he had continued to see this counselor and some of her behaviors had come up and he suggested that he should get tested. He did and was positive. ... (4 replies)
Herpes blisters
May 4, 2012
... I am so sorry for your fear. I know what this is like. The waiting for days... I contracted genital, or HSV2 herpes, in 1994. I remember my first outbreak and going to the doctor and she most matter of factly told me that she thought it was herpes and I didn't know anything about it at the time. ... (1 replies)
... my first husband from 16 years ago and I are seeing eachother again. He was honest with me in the fact that he found out 7 months ago he has herpes. He has never had an outbreak. We have been seeing eachother for around 4 months and have not had sex, he told me this news a couple months ago. ... (4 replies)
... Here is my situation!I will start out saying first that my first time being tested was in june of 2008. I was only positive for type 1 on my mouth if im correct. I was not positive for type 2 herpes at all. I was completely negative. ... (1 replies)
Suspected herpes
Feb 19, 2011
... I am not an expert but I have had HSV2 for 11 years and have a lot of knowledge about the virus .. ... (1 replies)
... When I was first diagnosed with genital herpes, my OBGY did not prescribe me anything. But then again, I didn't want to take anything either. ... (18 replies)
... Sounds like it could be herpes...there is much information on the symptoms of herpes, just do a search for "herpes symptoms" and you'll find more info than you ever wanted! There are so many different symptoms, they seem to vary so much from person to person. ... (12 replies)
... Did she know that she had HSV or did she just find out and let you know? ... (6 replies)
1 or 11 or Both
Sep 7, 2005
... This may be an old topic, but I would like to share my experience, I contacted herpes during child molestation, many years ago. During my years of childbirth, my Dr. told me, that I had the disease so long, that there was almost no chance of passing this onto my husband....or children. ... (10 replies)
... I wouldn't just run away. I don't have Herpes, but my boyfriend is HSV 2 positive. He found out the day after we were first intimate, and called me. I respected his honesty, and decided to stick around. I did not have a lot of time invested with him, just a couple of weeks worth of dating. ... (10 replies)
... Ok. So I was recently told that a potential sexual partner has herpes. This man and I have been extremely close friends for the past two yrs. During this time was when he was in a serious relationship with the woman who had past it along to him. ... (1 replies)
... No i dont plan on getting pregnant now. It's just i dont want to wait too long. I have a possibilty of going blind around 40...i dont want them to be too young. And i want as many as i can and can finacially support. of course. ... (4 replies)
... depends on which herpes there are 8 kinds that infect humans, hsv-2 can be spread asymptomatically, hsv-1 usually needs a cold sore type infections. you should also get tested for STD. (1 replies)
Suspected herpes
Feb 18, 2011
... About 3 months ago I started going out with a girl, which stated she had been checked prior to our intercourse. She was my first after about 4 years. ... (1 replies)
... A bit about my situation forst.......My guy has HSV2. Very mild symptoms and rarely has an outbreak. Prescribed Valtrex 8 months ago. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the response. You are awesome and you have a very good attitude! ... (32 replies)
... my boyfriend decided to tell me he has herpes. Years and years ago he was dating someone who cheated on him and that's how he got it. He stayed single for 7 years because of it. ... (1 replies)

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