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Oral herpes???
Feb 17, 2005
... As the appearance of sores varies so much it isn't always possible to tell from looking whether something is herpes or not. Sometimes people have the classic "cold sore", sometimes people have red spots around the mouth. ... (7 replies)
Jul 31, 2003
... Oral herpes can occasionally show up inside the mouth, but it's not common. What is more common are cankers which are not caused by the herpes virus. There are other things that could probably cause something like that too, like acidic foods, food allergies, etc. ... (3 replies)
... I was given herpes in January through a casual encounter by someone who I think knew they had it and chose not to tell me. ... (5 replies)

... Herpes does not always include multiple sores, it can also show up as one single sore. The itching feeling you get prior to the appearance of the sore is also a possible symptom. Cultures are notorious for giving back false negatives if the sore isn't "fresh" enough at the time it was cultured.... ... (4 replies)
... e and went to the doctor recently for irritation all along my genitals and along my rectum, it was sensitive and slightly itchy, uncomfortable. I did not have an appearance of any blisters or sores on my face or downstairs during this entirety except for one spot I rubbed on my vagina that I caused a break in that area. ... (0 replies)
... I hope that helped a little bit :) (4 replies)
... I recently kissed my girlfriend, and I had a cold sore in its last stages of life. It had already scabbed over two days before and was covered by a thin layer of new skin. ... (3 replies)
... My husband of 10 years has been taking Acyclovir since 2006. I never knew what it was for as he takes several other meds and we have separate bathrooms. ... (4 replies)
Jan 20, 2004
... Hi there, sorry, I wasn't near a computer all weekend. Well, molluscum contagium is quite itchy, and yes, I have both. The tell tale sign of molluscum is that if you squeeze one of the bumps, it will expell a white or gray colored firm substance.... ... (11 replies)
Pimple on penis?
Jan 22, 2001
... Instead of being in a panic go to your nearest Health clinic. Who told you had Herpes Simplex 2 in your eye. ... (1 replies)
Possible Herpes?
Jul 26, 2012
... What has me so confused is that I read that Herpes is supposed to be VERY uncomfortable, making someone miserable, which I do not exhibit. In a very small amount of pictures I found to compare to on the internet, it looks similar, but in a vast majority of them it doesn't look anywhere as severe. ... (0 replies)
... i'm posting this for those people who "think" they may have genital herpes and haven't been tested, so they don't freak out. ... (5 replies)
Need Advice
Dec 12, 2002
... I suspect your doctor was just being cautious in taking the herpes culture. If it's herpes, it's not a typical way for it to manifest. That's not proof it's not herpes, but it doesn't sound to me like it definitely is herpes. ... (1 replies)
Am I really ok?
Sep 7, 2006
... herpes can be tough to deal with emotionally. The first thing that I have to say is that the medical community is SO undeducated about herpes and I have no idea why this is. ... (1 replies)
... bodies for the virus...however since this is her first outbreak, it takes times before her body can build them up. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. It's always hard when you're getting symptoms and you don't know what's causing them. It usually just takes a bit of time to solve the riddle, so hang in there. ... (9 replies)
I'm finally back!
Jun 15, 2002
... Welcome to the board, although I'm sorry to hear you've recently found the need to be here, if you know what I mean. I really want to say thanks for the kind feedback about my posts. ... (5 replies)
... s you see on the internet often show the "classic" symptoms or the very severe cases and the ordinary person seeing a small bump on their genitals may well think what they have is nothing like that. ... (4 replies)
... Hi....I never told anyone what I had. I got very creative with explaining to anyone that asked what it was. ... (11 replies)
... The funny thing about herpes though tami is that it can be different in anyone. ... (7 replies)

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