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... her why they ordered a herpes test that the CDC doesn't recommend, and that Terri Warren who has her own Herpes Clinic in Portland, OR, doesn't recommend. ... (22 replies)
... and the Captia EIA. There is also the WesternBlot. Although the WesternBlot is not FDA approved, it's considered the 'Gold Standard', a reference test and how all others test get FDA approval. ... (5 replies)
Nov 6, 2002
... I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time, whatever it is you have. I'm not a health professional, but maybe I can help with what I know. ... (5 replies)

Mar 17, 2008
... sorry for taking so long to reply. I don't think you should analyze too much into the different numbers in your test results. If your antibody number is lower than what is considered positive, then just accept it. Antibody numbers will fluctuate on their own. ... (2 replies)
... Have you ever had a cold sore? ... (4 replies)
... I am here because I am confused about my test results. Please offer me some guidance as I am very stressed and worried. ... (0 replies)
Herpes Titer
Oct 23, 2007
... It's always best to have copies of your test results. That way, you'll know exactly what test was given and by what lab. Another reason to get copies is that most STD exams don't include a Herpes test, so while people may think they're 'clean', it reality they weren't even tested. ... (13 replies)
... My situation was exactly like yours. I had the IgM blood test done which is for type 1 and 2 together. It came out positive for both. ... (9 replies)
... I can't really tell if it sounds like herpes or not, although it's possible. How long does this burning go on for? ... (1 replies)
... First I want to congratulate and thank you for participating in the Herpevac research! We couldn't make progress on this stuff without people like yourself being willing to take the chance. ... (4 replies)
... Dear all, thank you for ya valuable responses! ... (7 replies)
... your opinion on pics you see online. I rarely have any symptoms other than the little razor burn bumps. I never have open lesions that crust over and heal, which is what many medical sites describe. ... (2 replies)
... Dear community, on July 6th I decided to have an adventure with a sex worker and during the act the condom broke, I believe I noticed it about 30 seconds later but I really cannot know. ... (1 replies)
... At 6 weeks went in for a blood test at my doctors office igG 0. ... (3 replies)
... First let me commend you for not completely freaking out by your friend's news. I know it's still kind of scary but you sound like you're dealing with it in a rational, informed way, which is wonderful. ... (4 replies)
Herpes on nipples?
Nov 15, 2002
... I think it's a bit unusual to contract it in 3 places at once, but probably not unheard of. I'd still get a doctor to do a swab test on lesions you get in each area until you know for sure that's what it is. ... (11 replies)
... I've looked around the Net trying to get a handle on the IgG and IgM test results and finally gave up. LOL I honestly don't understand what each actually measures but they seem to have something to do with antibody components produced by each type of herpes. ... (1 replies)
Mar 11, 2003
... The problem with testing for herpes is that it's very tricky and not known for the greatest accuracy. With the swab test, the longer you wait after the onset of the current symptoms, the less accurate the results will be. ... (3 replies)
Nov 10, 2008
... This is from the "Herpes Handbook" which is widely available. ... (4 replies)
... t was some kind of rash or skin condition in my genital area, I have never had itching, burning, pain, only symptoms I have are visual, my penis occasionally has a very slight itch or tingle from time to time but I figure everyone's does, If I didn't see anything I wouldn't think anything was wrong. ... (3 replies)

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