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... After recently being tested for herpes I've done lots of research on testing. First of all.. I never asked to be tested for herpes. My doctor suggested it and I didn't tell her no. To be honest, I was a little uneducated with it came to STD testing. ... (0 replies)
... Recently had blood work done and got tested for all STD's. My doctor called and told me I tested positive for Herpes but never said a type. I've never had a genital outbreak but have had a coldsore and sore on roof of my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... years ago I experienced small cuts in the external genital area. Went to my gyno who said she didn't think it was herpes but did a culture anyway which came back negative. ... (5 replies)

... TOLD THAT I WAS INFECTED WITH around the mouth, face and Genital area. ... (4 replies)
... her why they ordered a herpes test that the CDC doesn't recommend, and that Terri Warren who has her own Herpes Clinic in Portland, OR, doesn't recommend. ... (22 replies)
... I have had the following results of my blood test, could somebody kindly advise what they stand for? ... (5 replies)
... sexually active with one man for the past 2 yrs. However, last year after having sex with him, I broke out on my neck and face badly, but not on my lips, but assumed that it was from my new cologne. Recently, he had to leave town for 6 months for business. ... (4 replies)
... a little over a year ago I thought i had gotten herpes from a guy I was seeing. I had All the classic symptoms, fever, sores that lasted for over 2 weeks. I went to a free clinic to get tested where they took a swab test called the tznack test. IT came back positive for herpes. ... (1 replies)
... is a combined test. It's pretty worthless as it does not define which type you are positive for. The HSV 2 IgG result is the one to look at. It is positive at 3.90. Most doctors will retest if your results are under 3.5. Since yours is over 3.5 it is positive. ... (4 replies)
... tests and i am very scared. This is what I have.. ... (0 replies)
Lab Results
Aug 11, 2010
... Recently had blood work done and got tested for all STD's. My doctor called and told me I tested positive for Herpes but never said a type. ... (1 replies)
... If you test positive for Herpes anitbodies it means the body is fighting the Herpes virus. If you had Herpes from birth you would test positive at anytime in your life I would guess. ... (1 replies)
... I just found out my third herpes test results. Once again they came back negative, for both HSVI and HSVII!! I found out the blood test the lab used is IgG type specific HerpeSelect AB, it's called. This sounds like it's the herpeSelect I've read on here and elsewhere that is supposedly very accurate. ... (17 replies)
... like, but not always, these sores go away but there is always a few on there all the time, new ones come and go but as the one leaves it seems another pops this herpes? ... (4 replies)
... ive. Rejoice. If however you need the reassurance get the Western Blot. Your doctor probably won't be able to do it for you though. Please be careful because I have read a few times about doctor's claiming that they were administering the WB. this test is only done at the University of Washington. ... (13 replies)
... HSV 1 IGG Type Specific AB 0. ... (13 replies)
... Dear community, on July 6th I decided to have an adventure with a sex worker and during the act the condom broke, I believe I noticed it about 30 seconds later but I really cannot know. ... (1 replies)
... You husband is clearly positive for HSV2 and you are also positive. A lot of doctors will retest anything that is between 1.00 and 3.50 which is your case. And yes the positive test result means you HAVE herpes. You either have it or not. Just like you can't be 'a little bit pregnant'! ... (4 replies)
... Ok...You're doctor is an idiot. You are obviously negative. However, let's clarify a few things first. ... (13 replies)
... Today my HSV2 IGG AB came back 3. ... (4 replies)

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